Carpet Care and Maintenance

Carpet Care

Whiteley offers offers carpet cleaning professionals an integrated system of carpet care products unrivalled in quality and reliability. All of Whiteley Industrial's Carpet Care / Carpet Cleaning product range conforms to Hazardous Substances Regulations.

They are as well committed to developing environmentally responsible products. With extensive research, they have initiated the use of renewable natural resources.

Whiteley Carpet Care Guide
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Mr Nomarks Fabrisan® is a revolutionary carpet and upholstery deodoriser that contains Natural Australian Tea Tree Oil and will eliminate almost any odour.

It is an effective relief from offensive odours such as urine, and in removing mould and spores. Mr Nomarks Fabrisan® dries to a non-staining, non-toxic residue that can be easily vacuumed away.
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Fabrisolv Solvent Based Carpet Spotter is designed for removing oil and solvent based stains such as grease, paint, oil, ink and lipstick, etc.

It is a synergised combination of D-Limonene solvent and a surfactant blend which combine together to penetrate, remove and suspend all types of spots and stains in carpets.

The unique combination of emulsifiable solvents in Fabrisolv make it soluble in water and as a consequence it is easier to use than straight solvent type products.
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Fabririnse low residue fibre rinse leaves carpets and upholstery feeling fresh. It is an acidic fibre rinse suitable for use in both truck mount and portable carpet cleaning machines.

It utilises a unique blend of acid stable anionic surfactants to improve the wetting of carpet and upholstery fibres. 

It provides improved economy and cheaper dilution ratios due to the infinite anionic surfactant solubility.

When used in conjunction with Whiteley’s low pH carpet detergents Fabririnse works at dilution ratios as low as 1 part in 500 with water

Fabripowr Carpet Prespray Detergent 5L

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Farbripowr Carpet Prespray Detergent is Safe on all carpet fibers. It offers superior cleaning performance without the use of alkaline boosters.

Spontaneous emulsification of oily soils. Rapid soil penetration and dislodgement. Built in biocide and odour neutraliser. Excellent detergency on natural & synthetic fibers.

Concentrated 1:40 prespray dilution. Readily biodegradable. It can effectively substitute for up to 5 different chemicals. Fabripowr may be used as a carpet extraction detergent, carpet prespotter, carpet sanitiser, odour suppressor and deodouriser.

Benefits of Fabripowr Carpet Prespray Detergent:

• Excellent for use on wool and natural fibres
• Rapid penetration and emulsification of soils
• Built in biocide and odour neutraliser
• Concentrated 1:40 prespray dilution

Fabripowr Plus Carpet Extraction Detergent 5L

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Fabripowr Plus is a carpet extraction detergent which is powerful in cleaning even without the use of alkaline boosters or carpet care cleaners/enzymatic detergents.

Fabripowr Plus effectively substitutes for up to 4 different chemicals and may be used as a carpet extraction detergent, carpet pre-spotter, odour suppressor and deodoriser.

Ideal for use in both truck mount and portable carpet cleaning machines. It provides improved economy and cheaper dilution ratios due to its concentrated heavy duty formula.

Great value for money as it offers every carpet cleaners so much with this one carpet cleaning product.
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Encapsul8 is a global leading, patent pending Encapsulating Carpet Shampoo that uses advanced polymer technology to encase soil on carpet fibres.  

It is formulated with a powerful surfactant system that emulsifies oily soils on fibres which enables residue to be encapsulated by the polymer. The polymer becomes brittle as it dries and then fractures from the fibre surface which allows it to be easily removed by subsequent vacuuming.

It has been scientifically proven to be 15% better at cleaning carpets compared to competitor products, leaving your carpets cleaner and brighter. It also increases soil resistance by 17%.

Bye Bye Foam Silicone Defoamer 1L

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Bye Bye Foam Silicone Defoamer has been formulated to reduce foam in the recovery tank of injection cleaning equipment.

When foam is a problem as little as a cap full of Bye Bye Foam will completely eliminate any foaming problem. Eliminating the presence of any foam in the recovery tank can significantly effect the speed and efficiency of any carpet cleaning operation since the recovery tank can be filled completely with water before it has to be emptied. BENEFITS of Bye Bye Foam Silicone Defoamer:• Concentrated defoamer• Cost effective
• Instant defoaming
• Non-toxic and low irritant
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Fabrisan Natural Carpet and Upholstery Deodoriser is a specialised carpet sanitiser and deodouriser specifically designed for removing difficult odours from carpets and fabrics

It is highly effective in neutralising and removing persistent urine odours. Fabrisan is also highly effective in treating and restoring flood and water damaged carpet.

Eliminates urine odours. Multipurpose deodouriser. Eliminates almost any odour. Safe on all carpets and fabrics. Effective in removing moulds and spores.