Floor Cleaner and Maintenance

Tile Plus Highly Concentrated Heavy Duty Cleaner and Degreaser 5L

Tile Plus is a water soluble cleaner and degreaser which rapidly emulsifies, suspends and removes all types of animal, vegetable and petroleum oils.

Protect Penetrating Sealer

Protect Penetrating Sealer is suitable for use on most porous surfaces including concrete, sandstone, granite, marble, slate, brick and tiles.

Zip Strip Floor Stripper 5L

Zip Strip is a fast, efficient, labour saving method for removing floor finishes and wax sealers with a minimum of scrubbing. Zip Strip is a low odour ammonia free stripping system.

Xpoly8 High Performance Floor Stripper 5L

Xpoly8 High Performance Floor Stripper is a low odour, fast acting and labour saving method for removing floor sealers/finishes with a minimum of scrubbing.

Storm Floor Stripper High Performance 5L

Storm is a new generation floor stripper designed to rapidly liquefy and emulsify old sealers for easy removal with an autoscrubber or mop and bucket.

Thermaglo Plus Floor Sealer | Polish 5L

Thermaglo Plus is a simple to use sealer / polish finish designed for use on a variety of floors from vinyl to terrazzo and timber.

Synergy Sealer Finish 5L

Synergy is excellent for use on vinyl hard floor surfaces and can be used on terrazzo, granite, tiles and slate. It has been awarded the ‘Innovation Award’ at the October 2014 Ausclean meeting in Melbourne.

Impact Base Sealer 5L

>Impact Base Sealer is a clear, non yellowing, UV resistant, penetrating Sealer. Suitable for use on Stone, Terrazzo, Tiles and Concrete.

Glamour Terrazzo Sealer 5L

Glamour Terrazzo Sealer provides a tough and durable finish, excellent gloss and outstanding depth. It has excellent levelling characteristics allowing for an even finish with minimal effort.

Brilliance Sealer Finish for Hard Floor Surfaces 5L

Brilliance High gloss sealer/finish, quick drying and extremely durable for use on hard floor surfaces including terrazzo, vinyl tiles, granite, vinyl sheeting, tiles and slate.


Tempo HD Heavy Duty Multipurpose Neutral Detergent 5L

Tempo HD is a multipurpose neutral detergent designed for use in commercial, institutions and industrial environments. It rapidly emulsifies common food oils, minerals oils, and synthetic oils. Being pH neutral and solvent free. It very is safe for use on most surfaces.

Rejuven8 Floor Cleaner and Maintainer 5L

Rejuven8 is a neutral multi-purpose cleaner & maintainer created to enhance the appearance of worn floor finishes.

Glokleen Cleaner Sealer Maintainer 5L

Glokleen is a multipurpose neutral cleaner-maintainer for use on sealed and unsealed floors.