Oakwood Cleaning Products - Household, Automotive, Carpet and Upholstery Care

If you are looking for premium quality, easy to use household leather, automotive and pet care products, Oakwood would be the great solution for you! These have been independently tested and guaranteed international quality system.

The man behind Oakwood, Geoff Searl, a Horse enthusiast from Scone (the Horse capital of Australia in 1990) knew what people like him were looking for. He originally developed Oakwood’s Leather Conditioner more than 25 years ago because of his experience. He knew the value of caring for saddle leather so it could last a lifetime. Besides, he also knew that riders wanted a product that was easy, simple to use, penetrated quickly, repelled water and resisted dust. This leather conditioner does not come of on your clothes.

Now, Oakwood offer a complete range of high performance specialty products designed to clean, maintain and protect every surface with the commitment to creating products using natural ingredients to provide the best care of your products and pets. Oakwood and exclusive private label brands including RM Williams.

Oakwood is acquired by Sabco in 2018. You may also view other products by Sabco by clicking here.

Oakwood Leather Conditioning Cream 350ML

Oakwood Leather Conditioning Cream for any leather furniture and accessories. It preserves its softness and durability, protecting against stains, ageing, dehydration and cracking.

Oakwood Leather Care Deep Clean Soap 500ml

Oakwood Leather Care Deep Clean Soap is a uniquely formulated pH balanced, fragranced-free soap which provides a gentle deep clean in removing build up dirt, grime, body oils and odours from leather items including leather sofas, chairs and even accessories.

Oakwood Everyday Leather Wipes 170 x 300mm 20Pk

Oakwood Everyday Leather Cleaning Wipes are convenient wipes formulated for surface cleaning, conditioning and ongoing protection of leather products in simple one easy step, leaving a fresh natural aloe vera fragrance.

Oakwood Floor Wipes 20 Pack 230 x 300mm

Using Oakwood Floor Wipes is one of the easiest, convenient way to spot-clean, disinfect, deodorise all hard wood floors.  It removes dirt and grime from hard floor surfaces.

Oakwood Carpet and Fabric Cleaner 500ml

Use Oakwood Carpet and Fabric Cleaner in removing dirt, grease, coffee, wine, chocolates, make-up stains for your carpets and soft furnishings. This powerful cleaning formulation is ideal for spot stain removal of old and new stains.

Oakwood Laundry Stain Remover 500ml

Oakwood's Laundry Stain Remover is super-convenient spray with powerful formulation that is effective for targeted stain removal on shirts, delicate fabrics, cotton and polyester.

Oakwood Stone Benchtop 3-in-1 Cleaner 500ml

Keeping your kitchen countertop looking new at all times is made easy with Oakwood Stone Benchtop 3-in-1 Cleaner.  It cleans, polishes, and protects a range of stone surfaces, leaving a protective layer to guard against everyday fingerprints, smears, water spots and liquid splatters.