Dr. Schutz Floor Coating Remake Range

Dr. Schutz has been the leading brand in Europe and the world for protecting and maintaining all types of floors for almost 60 years. Whether you are flooring professional or retailer, a maintenance specialist or end user, Dr. Schutz offers you the best solution for your floor requirements.

Dr Schutz PU Sealer Special Water-based 2 Part Polyurethane Sealer

Dr. Schutz PU Sealer is extremely hard wearing film, special water-based 2 part polyurethane sealer for the long-term protection of resilient and resin floors. Only for professional users. Reduces dirt adhesion and the time needed for day-to-day maintenance.

Dr Schutz PU Anticolor 2 Part Polymer Sealer

Dr Schutz PU Anticolor is a special water-based 2part-polymer-sealer with especially high cross-linking density and therefore high resistance to chemical dying (hair colorants, wound disinfectants, etc.) and plasticizer migrations (e.g., from rubber).  Forms an extremely hard wearing sealer film with a satin finish. Only for professional use. Reduces dirt adhesion and the time needed for day-to-day maintenance.

Dr Schutz SuperBond Bonding Primer 5L

Dr Schutz SuperBond is an easy to use, solvent-free, special bonding primer for protecting ceramic tiles and stone floors as well as glass and metal surfaces before coating with a permanent PU sealer.  The protective film becomes unbreakable. Primer before coating with Dr. Schutz PU Sealer, Dr Schutz PU Anticolor or Dr Schutz PU Color. 
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Dr Schutz PU Color 2 Part Polyurethane Permanent Sealer

Dr Schutz PU Color is an easy, safe to apply colored 2part polyurethane permanent sealer, waterbased. Only for professional users. Hardwearing sealer film, excellent elasticity and good resistance against colorless chemicals.

Dr Schutz Duro Plus L Additive - Scratch Resistance and Matt Finish

Dr Schutz Duro Plus L Additive is a liquid additive for increase in scratch resistance and matting finish on resilient and wooden floors in offices, sports & leisure facilities, and many more. For all Dr. Schutz 2-component lacquers and for eukula strato lacquers. Easy to work in, effective results. VOC free.

Dr Schutz Antislip Special Additive for PU Sealer

Dr Schutz Antislip Additive is a supplementary additive for PU Sealer and PU Anticolor to extremely increase the safety and slip resistance of floors, make attractive and easily maintainable without ever having to replace.

Dr Schutz R10 Additive Antislip Solution

Dr Schutz R10 Additive formulated to increase the floor’s safety and slip-resistance to R10 classification, as well as improve the overall appearance and condition making it easily maintainable.