Laundry Washing Machine


Brightlogic On-Premise Laundry Dosing System

BrightLogic on-premise laundry dosing systems (OPL) allow you to dose from 1 to 10 chemicals with a flow rate of up to 285ml* per minute.  The space-saving patented double pump head is easy to install and maintain thanks to the quick-tube-change configuration.

Brightlogic Commercial Laundry High-Flow Dosing System

The BrightLogic high-flow laundry dosing systems for industrial laundries can dose from 1 to 10 chemicals with a flow rate of up to 870ml* per minute.  The high-flow pumps can be mixed with on-premise laundry dosing pumps to suit various dosing needs. They are compatible with both intelligent and non-intelligent machines up to 100kg** and can be used in relay mode or with a formula select programmer.


Brightlogic Commercial Laundry Membrane Pump

The BrightLogic commercial laundry membrane pump is a laundry dosing system, which has been designed to deliver excellent flowrate consistency, even with highly viscous products. The membrane pump is self-priming and requires limited maintenance as no peristaltic pump changes are needed, resulting in cost-savings.

Birghtwell Laundry Flush Manifold

Brightwell laundry flush manifold uses water pressure to pump your laundry chemicals over a long distance. It is constructed using a modular design and offers the choice of 2, 4, 6, 8 or 10 inlets.  Each product inlet is fitted with a non-return valve to prevent the back flow of product.