Wagen Warehouse - Hand and Platform Trolleys

Wagen Order Pick or Pack Trolley with Pushrail

Wagen Order Pick or Pack Trolley with Pushrail, 2 bin configuration (bins not included), helps moving around the warehouse easily, improve productivity, save your energy!
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Wagen Picker Offset Bins Blue Pen Holder

Wagen Order pickers offset frame for easy loading and unloading which is commonly used in narrow aisle warehouses, distribution centers, and fulfillment centers. Fitted with quality 125mm grey non marking castors for easy movement.
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Wagen King Multipurpose Drum Trolley

How to move or load and unload 200L drums and barrels easily? Wagen King Multipurpose Drum Trolley is a great solution in transporting heavy drums around a warehouse or distribution centre. 

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Wagen King Foldalift Trolley - Portable Industrial Lifting Trolley

Wagen King Foldalift Trolley is a unique portable industrial lifting trolley. It's a safer and easier way to raise load in or out of a vehicle, or to place it on a bench, rack or into shelves. It can be folded for storage and travel, so it can fit in a little room in your vehicle whenever you want to take it with you.

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Wagen Multi Purpose Platform Trolley Medium Blue

Why need  2 or more trolleys when one platform trolley can be configured to serve multiple uses? Wagen Multi-Purpose Flat Bed Trolley ™ comes complete with all components and can do the job of at least 6 trolleys by simply swapping around the configuration.

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Wagen Platform Trolley Single Handle

Wagen Platform Trolley Single Handle helps you in moving heavy packages easily and easily thus increase efficiency in the workplace when compared to manually lifting and carrying loads.

Wagen Fridge Trolley with Ratchet Strap Stairclimber