Peerless JAL Ready to Use Products

Peerless Ready to Use Products are formulated for food safety areas. This is an easier to use and understand in complying with food safety obligations.
- designed for food service areas- safe on food contact surfaces- low hazard cleaners for your safety- super concentrated- easy to use dilution systems
- colour and number coded system

Q-San Non-Rinse Sanitiser 750ml RTU Spray

Q-San Non-Rinse Sanitiser 750ml RTU Spray is a non-hazardous, easy to use non-rinse sanitiser for pre-cleaned food surfaces. It will assist in complying with food safety regulations.

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Q-Det Concentrated Detergent 1L

Q-DET Concentrated Detergent is a economical-highly concentrated, biodegradable detergent which contains no phosphates or NPE. It has been formulated for the food industry for use in manual dishwashing and glass washing, it is safe on virtually all surfaces due to its neutral formulation.

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Q-Oven Non-Caustic Oven Cleaner 750ml RTU

Q-Oven Non-Caustic Oven Cleaner is ready to use oven cleaner formulated  to maintain and clean ovens, grills, hoods and vents. 

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Q-Clean Kitchen Cleaner and Degreaser RTU

Q-CLEAN Kitchen Cleaner Degreaser is a non-hazardous high performance degreaser which has been formulated specifically for cleaning all kitchen and food service areas.

Bio Activ Drain Biological Drain Cleaner and Maintainer

Do you have blocked or smelly drains? Bio Activ Drain is the solution. This ready to use biological drain cleaner and maintainer eliminates the cause of bad odours, while leaving a pleasant mint fragrance.