Pull-up Leathers

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Uniters Oleosa Leather Care Kit is a revitalizing and cleaning kit for Oil Pull-up and oiled leathers.  It contains Leather Soft Cleaner for gentle cleaning and Oleosa to maintain the unique look of the leather.

Leather Master Soft Cleaner, water-based cleaner guarantees efficient but gentle cleaning. It will remove grime as well as most water-based stains.

Oleosa gives the leather the fats and nutrients that it needs in order to retain its suppleness and its beautiful luster. It is suitable for routine maintenance and provides an effective way to remove surface scratches from Oil Pull Up Leathers.

Oleosa contains the same type of fat liquors used originally to give the leather its feel and effect. Oleosa also contains the same protection effect found in Leather Protection Cream.

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Leather Master Ink Killer Gel is extremely effective in removing old, cured stains for leather, & plastic parts that other cleaners can not remove. With Ink Killer Gel, you can have plenty of working time since it is slow-drying.

Cleaning power: Very high (recommended for professional use only)
Drying time: 10–20 minutes
Dwell time: This product should not be left to dwell
Suitable for: Pigmented leather, PU and vinyl
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Are you having problems on how to remove leather Spew?  Leather Master Spew Remover are designed to effectively remove fat spew from leather.

Fat spew exists when the natural fats in the leather migrate, or “spew”, from the core of the leather to its surface. Fat spew can be wiped away with a cloth, but it will re-appear. However, Leather Master Spew Remover can effectively get rid of it permanently, and prevents resurfacing.
Dwell time: Allow to dwell overnight before cleaning or protecting the leather.
Suitable for: Pigmented leather, aniline leather, nubuck and suede
Available 50ml, 225ml and 1L
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Leather Master Mould Killer removes mould and mildew from leather permanently. It contains a wetting agent that allows the cleaner to penetrate deep into the leather to remove all traces of mould. It even removes the musty odour.

Drying time: 5–10 minutes (touch dry)
Dwell time: Allow to dwell for a minimum of one hour before cleaning or protecting the leather, leave
overnight for best results.
Suitable for: Pigmented leather, aniline leather, and fabric
Available:50ml and 250ml
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Are you having concerns on how to get rid of bad smells from leather and fabric? Leather Master Leather Odour Remover removes unpleasant odours from leather. It doesn't just mask odours but its powerful enzyme based formula neutralises and eliminates the odours at their source.

Type: Enzyme based odour neutraliser
Drying time: 5–10 minutes (touch dry)
Dwell time: Best results are achieved 24–48 hours after application.
Suitable for: Pigmented leather, aniline leather, nubuck, suede and fabric
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Leather Master Oleosa WaterProofing Fat Liquoring Agent for Oiled Pull-up Leathers.  It will revitalise the leather giving it a soft, oily touch. Oleosa does not only have an excellent water proofing properties, it also contains protective agents that improve the leather's resistance to soiling and staining.

Protects against: Water, alcohol and oil based stains
Suitable for: Oil pull-up leather
Reapplication: Every 3 – 6 months, or after cleaning with a leather cleaner
Drying time:  30 minutes
Coverage: 250 ml will treat approximately 25 – 35 seats/each wipe will treat approximately 1 – 2
seats (coverage will vary depending on the absorbency of the leather)
Available as 250ml, 1L, and Oleosa Kit
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Leather Master Wax On is formulated for the special needs and revitalization of waxed pull-up leathers. It gives the fats and nutrients that it needs in order to retain the suppleness and luster of leather.

It replaces the wax from the surface as it wears off. Often a center of a seat cushion looks lighter or there are fingernail marks that won’t rub out. This is from the wax coming off.  Application of Wax On will solve this challenge.
Available in 250ml, 1L, and Wax On Kit
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For the all-in-one gentle care of your aniline leather furniture, Uniters Natural Leather Care Kit is what you need. Perfect for regular cleaning and protection from general soiling and staining.

Leather Soft Cleaner which is gentle, water-based, pH neutral cleaner for regular cleaning on all pure aniline and pigmented leathers. Leather Protection Cream helps protect your furniture from stains, maintaining your leather's luxurious natural feel.

Suitable for: All types of leather, except nubuck and suede.
Do not use on nubuck or suede!
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If you are looking for affordable, all-in-one wax pull-up leather care, Uniters Wax On Leather Care kit is the solution.  This kit contains you the products for regular cleaning and maintenance, revitalising the leather's look and feel, and eliminating the light scratches and scuffs.

Wax On will restore the leather’s wax finish and remove light scratch and scuff marks. Leather Soft Cleaner will help you to keep
your furniture spotless.

Suitable for: Wax pull-up leathers.