Brightwell Chemical Dilution and Dosing

Brightwell Eco-friendly chemical dilution and dosing systems for precision, safety and efficiency for the professional hgyiene industry.

The ECO Range is a selection of proportioners and manual dispensing system:
- Dispense up to 5 chemicals in high (14L/min) and low (4L/min) flow applications
- For use with spray bottles, buckets, sinks and other cleaning containers
- ECOMIX and ECOMULTI proportioners are developed with patented dilution pin technology
- The accurate dosing ratios offered by ECOSHOT make it the recommended dosing system for use when sanitising

Ecoshot Manual Chemical Dosing System

ECOSHOT is a manual chemical dosing system which can dispense various volumes of concentrates into a bottle, a bucket or a sink.  It provides an eco-friendly chemical dilution and dosing system for precise, safe and reliable chemical management for the professional hygiene industry. 


Ecomix Proportioners Chemical Dilution System - 1 or 2 Chemical Proportioner

ECOMIX is compact chemical precision proportioner that connects to a water supply and dilutes concentrated chemical from any size container to a pre-determined ratio into a ready-to-use solution. It is suitable for low-flow (4L/min) and high-flow (14L/min) applications. It is available as one or two chemical dispenser.

Ecomulti Proportioners - Multiple Chemicals Dilution System

ECOMULTI Chemical proportioners offer a reliable and cost-effective way of diluting multiple chemicals from one dispenser. When connected to the water mains, the flexible design makes these one-stop cleaning stations the ideal solution for even the smallest cleaning environments.

Ecorange Chemical Secure Cabinet 2L

Ecorange Secure Chemical Cabinet is a safe and secure solution which limits contact with concentrated chemicals and minimises risk of pilferage.

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