Brightwell Soap and Paper Dispensers

Stylish and reliable soap, paper and toilet roll dispensers. Brightwell Dispensers offers you a wide range of washroom dispensers, incorporating revolutionary pump systems and two distinct styles of cover, as well as a versatile dispenser with bespoke design options to make it unique to your brand.

Multipurpose Modular Soap Dispenser - Pumice, Liquid Lotion or Foam Soap Dispenser

Modular Soap Dispensers are simple, neat, practical, easy to operate and to maintain dispensers which act  as a unique, cost effective partner for hygiene with a multitude of variations. These attractive, sleek and stylish dispensers are made out of of robust white ABS plastic, the dispensers suit every hygiene point in environments.

Modular Touch-Free Soap Dispenser 1200ml

Modular Touch Free Soap Dispenser prevents contamination, brings better hygiene to any environment and helps monitor the use by controlling the amount of soap. It features a 'sleep mode' and a capacitive sensor that helps prevent accidental soap delivery.

Modular Automatic Hand Dryer

Modular Hand Dryer is small but powerful, this compact hand dryer fits most washrooms. The double-insulated class 11 enclosure is safe for use in any washroom*. This is suitable for low traffic environments only.

Mercury Jumbo Toilet Paper Dispenser Small

Mercury Jumbo Toilet Roll Dispenser easily stores a jumbo roll of paper alongside a stub roll, yet the unit is compact enough to fit in small washrooms. This stainless steel toilet roll holder is durable, easy to change and dispenses both perforated and non-perforated paper.

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Mercury Stainless Steel Hand Towel Dispenser

Mercury Hand Towel Dispenser features a stylish, clean, high-end finish which makes it an attractive addition to any environment. It can fit two packs of interleaved towels (C-fold, Z-fold etc.).

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Mercury Multiflat Toilet Tissue Dispenser

Mercury Multiflat Toilet Tissue Dispenser is a stainless steel dispenser that fits easy-to-store multi-flat or bulk-pack papers. Its compact design works perfectly in small offices, restaurants and any attractive space that is used infrequently.

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Mercury Stainless Steel Soap Dispenser

Mercury Stainless Steel Soap Dispenser is a stylish, sleek high-end soap dispenser designed to give any washroom a modern finish, making hand-washing feel luxurious. It is a multi-purpose soap dispenser due to its interchangeable pumps and containers.