Brightwell Soap and Paper Dispensers

Stylish and reliable soap, paper and toilet roll dispensers. Brightwell Dispensers offers you a wide range of washroom dispensers, incorporating revolutionary pump systems and two distinct styles of cover, as well as a versatile dispenser with bespoke design options to make it unique to your brand.

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The Modular wet wipe dispenser improves the hygiene of any environment. It dispenses one wet wipe at a time and keeps the remaining stock fresh.

The automatic closure fits perfectly to the neck provided for wet wipe packs, preventing wipes from drying out.  Mounted on a wall, this static cleaning station also keeps the workplace tidy and locks away the stock of wet wipes. You can customise your paper dispensers with the window of your choice.
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Modular Soap Dispensers are simple, neat, practical, easy to operate and to maintain dispensers which act  as a unique, cost effective partner for hygiene with a multitude of variations. These attractive, sleek and stylish dispensers are made out of of robust white ABS plastic, the dispensers suit every hygiene point in environments.

These dispensers allow to mix and match pumps and containers to fit your needs.  Great for environments such as schools, offices, commercial kitchens, nursing homes, restaurants, light industrial workplaces, motorway services and hospitals.

Select either our Mechanics grade Pumice Hand Soap, our Foaming Soap, or our standard pink and white liquid hand soaps.

Available in three sizes: small (400ml), standard (900ml), large (2000ml), to fit the space and usage level of all environment. You can also choose window colour of your choice. Pump and containers are also interchangeable with Mercury Soap Dispensers.

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Modular Touch Free Soap Dispenser prevents contamination, brings better hygiene to any environment and helps monitor the use by controlling the amount of soap. It features a 'sleep mode' and a capacitive sensor that helps prevent accidental soap delivery.

Operated by C size batteries, so there is no electrical fitting required.  It also features an auto-switch function between two battery compartments for longer running times. This simple, neat, practical and easy to operate washroom dispenser can dispense liquid and foam soap. To order, please choose what pump options( liquid or foam), and fill options (refillable or disposable pouch). MUST NOT USE IN SHOWERS AS THEY CANNOT GET WET - THEY ARE ELECTRONIC.
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Modulard Centrefeed Hand Towel Dispenser is space-saving and easy to restock, designed for areas that require fast access to paper towels. The hard-wearing centrefeed dispenser will stand up to years of constant use in busy environments.

It is a perfect choice for kitchens, gymnasiums and garages. Unique ‘tear-off’ mechanism minimises paper waste and environmental impact. It has a large front window to check stock levels.

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Modular Twin Toilet Roll Dispenser is a popular two-roll design halves restocking time, as when one roll is finished the other automatically drops into its place. This dispenser accepts conventional toilet rolls which are easier to store than jumbo paper rolls, making this dispenser ideal if storage space is limited.

This is designed for washrooms that experience light to medium use. Multi-coloured window options available to match your environment and brand, standard is blue. These features are available for the entire Modular range.
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Modular Multiflat toilet paper dispenser benefits from a sturdy & compact design which is excellent value and popular for smaller washrooms. The sturdy design makes this dispenser durable and fits perfectly in smaller spaces.

When installed together with a mini Modular soap dispenser, it acts as a toilet sanitizer, the Multiflat toilet paper dispenser neatly completes your product offer while promoting high-standards of hygiene in the washroom.

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Modular Hand Dryer is small but powerful, this compact hand dryer fits most washrooms. The double-insulated class 11 enclosure is safe for use in any washroom*. This is suitable for low traffic environments only.

It is low running costs and space advantage. This dryer is fully CE approved and manufactured under ISO 9001:2000. You can choose your colour for windows. Standard is blue.

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Modular Hand  Towel Dispenser features a robust, versatile design that enables to distribution of interleaved, C-fold, Z-fold and extra-narrow towels. For towels below 100mm folded depth, we offer an adaptor plate that transforms the dispenser into a perfect fit.

- single towel dispensing which minimises waste and cost
- can fit interleaved, C-fold, Z-fold and extra-narrow towels
- available in two sizes: small and large
- large front window to check stock levels.

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Busy washrooms mean busy toilet tissue dispensers. The Modular jumbo model is sizeable and strong enough to take on constant use.

Available in medium, and small with stub which helps reduce paper wastage and keeping the cubicle neat and tidy. The stub allows the addition of a second toilet roll when the first one has reached half of its original size.
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Mercury Jumbo Toilet Roll Dispenser easily stores a jumbo roll of paper alongside a stub roll, yet the unit is compact enough to fit in small washrooms. This stainless steel toilet roll holder is durable, easy to change and dispenses both perforated and non-perforated paper.

Branding options are available for the addition of a company's logo to this Jumbo Roll Toilet Paper Dispenser

Provide your washroom with an immediate touch of luxury with Mercury Jumbo Toilet Roll Dispenser!
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Mercury Hand Towel Dispenser features a stylish, clean, high-end finish which makes it an attractive addition to any environment. It can fit two packs of interleaved towels (C-fold, Z-fold etc.).

Branding options are available for the addition of a company's logo to this Stainless Steel Hand Towel Dispenser. It has two viewing windows to check on stock levels.

Buy this strong, very functional and practically designed paper towel holder and add a modern touch in your washroom!
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Mercury Multiflat Toilet Tissue Dispenser is a stainless steel dispenser that fits easy-to-store multi-flat or bulk-pack papers. Its compact design works perfectly in small offices, restaurants and any attractive space that is used infrequently.

There are two side viewing windows to check stock levels. Great style without compromising on durability.

Give your washroom a modern finish and luxurious touch with this stylish, sleek, high-end Mercury Multiflat Toilet Tissue Dispenser!
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Mercury Wall-Mounted Waste Bin is a stylish, slimline stainless steel bin that can hold 25 litres of waste. Due to its smooth finish, this waste bin is easy to clean and changing bin liners is quick. It is suitable for any environment and space saver.

Branding options are available for the addition of a company's logo to this Wall-Mounted Waste Bin!

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Mercury Stainless Steel Soap Dispenser is a stylish, sleek high-end soap dispenser designed to give any washroom a modern finish, making hand-washing feel luxurious. It is a multi-purpose soap dispenser due to its interchangeable pumps and containers.

There are two side viewing windows to check stock levels. Because of its compact, strong, durable design, Mercury Soap dispensers are perfect for small or private washrooms, executive offices, hotels, bars and restaurants - really, any luxury washroom space that requires designer accessories. 

Provide a lasting impression on your customers by adding a touch of elegance with Mercury Stainless Steel Dispenser! You can have your Mercury dispensers laser etched with your company logo!