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Fantastic multifunction vacuum that is amazingly powerful and nimble. A True genius. A sweeper for hard floors and carpet cleaner integrated with dry cleaning system. With a range of optional extras like a felt plates for delicate marble or timber flooring and optional blowing function. What more can you need.

The patented M29 Lindhaus universal nozzle with 4 wheels and all round suction can be equipped with a felt plate ( optional ) to vacuum and polish delicate floors.The new floor tool M32R is available for large surfaces. With an optional back pack kit, the machine turns into a lightweight backpack vacuum cleaner for cinemas theaters and trains etc. the M30e and M38e Power Nozzles ( optional )are equipped with integrated DCS Dry Cleaning System to sanitise and refresh any type of carpet. The M38 is also available for large surfaces.

Sound good? Why not pick up the batphone and call Warren on 0437552255. or feel free to arrange a demonstration at our Lindhaus Showroom , 1/42 Dunn Rd Smeaton Grange NSW 2570 . We will in due course add some You Tube Videos to help you gain a better perspective of how this Beautifully engineered vacuum attaches all the optional extras. You will be the envy of even the most professional cleaners.

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Lindhaus are genius's. They have recently released their Battery Upright Vacuum. After designing the brush less machine, they simply waited until the time was right to match it with new 36V L-ION Technology. Ideal for all Environments. Multifunction Broom and Carpet Cleaner. Maneuverability with a capital Eaasssyyy.

Its a battery broom with no electric leads. Powerful, silent and super handy. Arguably he best manufacturers of vacuum motors in the world, Lindhaus are super excited to bring you their " Perfect machine that will turn heads" Utilizing their tried and tested patented self cleaning M29R Universal Brush. All elements come together  to help you clean all types of floors effortlessly and quietly.

Power Plus 6


A powerful upright vacuum packed with high technology to provide total home cleaning.

Power5 Pets

An upright vacuum with features designed specifically for homes with pets.

A powerful upright with great features that are ideal for homes with pets and stairs.