Waterclaw Sub-surface Flood Extraction Tools

Waterclaw Flood Recovery - Sub-surface Flood Extraction Tools

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If you are still pulling wet pad, then you're wasting time and money. With Water Claw Flood Tool, you can remove up to 90% of the water from both carpet and pad. It works on all types of carpet with pad including cut pile and looped/berber.

Water Claw Flood Tool is designed for faster and easier flood extraction both in carpet or pad from the surface in preparation to the final drying process. It costs you less and does the job WITHOUT the use of heavy weights.  With its flushing action, it can do even more by thoroughly flushing contaminants from the carpet even while you are doing something else. This has been proven on thousands of flood restorations worldwide  - a must have for the full service professionals.

In doing most flood jobs, or extracting moisture out of your carpet or pad, you don't need to remove either one with Water Claw's Flood Extractor, so BUY NOW!

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Water Claw Spot Lifter offers easy removal of contaminants, spills and orders in carpet, carpet backing and pad. It accepts both 1 1/2" and 2" hose cuffs and uses the same same performance technology and construction style of the Flood Tool, but in a compact hand-held design.

Water Claw Spot Lifter has fast become an industry standard for thoroughly removing contaminants deposited in the carpet backing and pad. It features thumb-activated vacuum release valves for greater ease in repositioning or sliding the tool over saturated carpet.

Ideal for pet urine, drinks, soap residues, food spills, etc. If your carpet suffers from reoccurring stains then Water Claw Spot Lifter is the solution.
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Water Claw Flash Xtractor II Sub-Surface Extraction Tool removes more water and dry faster than competitive tools. This sub-surface extration tool is perfect for carpet cleaning applications, particularly when you've got to saturate an area, such as when removing pet urine, and need to thoroughly flush the soiling and cleaning fluids away.
Water Claw Flash Xtractor uses your body weight combined with the vacuum power of a portable or truck mount to quickly remove water from carpet and pad.

It is so easy to use and delivers such incredible results, you'll wonder why you haven't used this before!
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Water Claw Flash Spotter is the ultimate solution for removal of spills, odors and spotting problems of all kinds. It can be used with portable or truck mounted extractors to flush and extract contaminants out of the carpet face fibers, backing and pad and prevent wicking. It was designed for treating and extracting small areas.

With Water Claw Flash Spotter, removal of contaminants from the backing and pad can be accomplished by suspending the contaminants in water, spotting or deodorizing solutions and extracting the solution from the carpet and pad.
Make your cleaning and deodorizing chemicals and surface treatments more effective with Water Claw Flash Spotter.