Carbon Fibre Goosenecks

Light and rigid carbon fibre gooseneck arms for the Wiel-Loc Angle Adapter to extend reach. Perfect for reaching solar panels, through shutters, over balustrades/balconies/awnings from ground level. Extensions available for your pole or 100cm gooseneck arm.
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Wiel Loc Angle Adapter is the ultimate versatile angle adapter. It can be adapted to use with any water fed window cleaning pole or brush.

With a 15cm (10") arm when fully connected, it's already got better reach than your 3" angle adapter. Can be extended up to 90cm with a gooseneck arm.

This Wiel-Loc angle adapter is definitely for you if you:
- Got a pole with a top clamp
- Got a pole with a threaded end
- Got a brush with a threaded socket
- Got a brush with a square socket
- Want to add a gooseneck arm to your angle adapter
- Want more reach than a standard angle adapter
- Want to use one angle adapter for your range of brushes/poles
- Want to connect two tools/brushes to the one adapter Complete angle adapter system. Adaptable for use with any standard top clamp pole or Euro threaded end pole and with any water fed brushes or squeegee tools. Dual hub so you can run two arms from the one angle adapter.
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Carbon fibre gooseneck arm for use with Wiel-Loc Angle Adapter. Select from 60cm (23.5″) or telescopic 100cm (39″) arm lengths.

Alpha Carbon Fibre Gooseneck and Pole Extension

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Extension on your gooseneck for extra reach, or pole for extra length. To fit the Alpha Telescopic Carbon Gooseneck or any clamped end Alpha or Gardiner pole. Available in  18", 24"  and 30".
To fit the 100cm Carbon Gooseneck Extension for Wiel-Loc Angle Adapter or any clamped end Alpha or Gardiner pole.