Chux Cleaning Products

Chux Cleaning Products

When cleaning the house, it’s not something many people will enjoy but we know it needs to be done. We all cannot afford to get cleaners in to do the work thus products that make the job simpler, easier and faster are always an advantage.

CHUX® comes to the rescue, their full range of cleaning products will help you around your home. They are continually bringing products that help you clean more effectively in less time.

Chux Heavy Duty Superwipes Roll 45m x 30cm

Chux Heavy Duty Superwipes are high absorbent roll that soaks up all liquids including grease fats, oil and ink. The cloths are made from soft non-woven viscose rayon fibres for durability and have double action holes to quickly and easily trap dirt and absorb spillages.

Chux Heavy Duty Super Wipes 60cm x 60cm Pk 100

Chux Heavy Duty Super Wipes Cut are high absorbent cloths for all cleaning situations from food preparation, workshops, healthcare to general cleaning. It can soak up all liquids including coffee, grease fats, oil and ink.

Chux Impregnated Dusting Cloth - Pack 25

Impregnated with a light mineral oil to trap and remove dust, leaving surfaces clean and dust free. Use on a variety of surfaces such as furniture, appliances, cars and computers.
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Chux Commercial Sponge Scourers

HDFSP12 Chux Sponge Scourer Yellow sponge w/ Green Scourer. Heavy duty sponge scourer scrubs that has a tough scourer to scrub dirt and grime away and a super absorbent sponge to wipe clean.