Rake Broom - Best Selling Outdoor Broom

Rake Broom - Best Selling Outdoor Brooms

Rake Broom is Germany's best selling outdoor brooms that can be used on all outdoor surfaces. Due to its rake-shaped bristles, minimal effort is required but provides you with faster, better results and performance.

Rake Broom makes sweeping and raking difficult surfaces like driveways, paving, tiles, stones, garden beds, lawn easily and effortlessly. It is effective for artificial lawn.
Aside from Outdoor brooms, they also have indoor brooms which effectively clean floors and carpets where conventional broom fails. Rake Broom features:
- Made in Germany
- Great for all outdoor surfaces
- Rakes and sweeps effortlessly
- Sweeps uneven surfaces with ease
- Gets into nooks and crannys
- Easy on your back

Rake Broom Hand Brush

Rake Broom hand brush makes cleaning easy and fast. It is great for cleaning door mats, car mats and fabric lounges - especially if there is pet hair to be removed.

Rake Broom Clothing Lint and Table Brush 15cm Width

Rake Broom Clothing, Lint and Table Brush removes dust, lint, dandruff and pet hair from clothing and fabrics easily and effectively. It utilises the same patented bristles as the Hand Brushes and Indoor Rake Broom.

Rake Broom Indoor Broom 30cm with Telescopic Handle

Rake Broom Indoor Broom 30cm wide is effective in cleaning all surfaces . Ideal for tiles, timber floors, vinyl and carpets. Its uniquely curve shaped bristles will ensure that it does not need a lot of effort to clean, plus it can get into corners and edges.

Rake Broom Germany's Favourite Outdoor Broom

Rake Broom Outdoor Brooom is effective in cleaning all outdoor surfaces  - gardens, patios, driveways, walkways and timber decking. It can even clean rock gardens, pebbled surfaces or cobblestones due to its deep, firm, special curve angled bristles.


Rake Broom Triangle Cobweb Cleaner

Rake Broom Triangle Cobweb Cleaner enables cleaning and removing of cobwebs high up or down low easily and efficiently.  With its uniquely forward shaped pointing bristles on the brush head, it allows you to clean inside and out, and to work with a little effort.


Rake Broom Telescopic Handles

Rake Broom Telescopic Handles available in 1.4m (extends from 0.80m - 1.4m.), and 3.6m (extends 1.4m to 3.6m).