Viper Professional Floor Cleaning Equipment

Viper Professional Floor Cleaning Equipment

Viper offers standard professional floor cleaning equipment which provides customers the following main features and benefits:

- Robust and reliable products which give longer lifetime
- Best "Quality/Price" ratio in its segment
- Easy to use, no training required which reduces cost
- Easy to service, lower maintenance costs

Viper is operated by employees who are knowledgeable and experienced in the market with floor cleaning machines, maintenance, and vacuum cleaners that you can trust that their help customers with the best solution to get cleaning and business done.

Viper was acquired by the Nilfisk Group in 2007 with the purpose of significantly increasing their presence in the mid-market for professional cleaning equipment. Both then and today, Viper is well-known for providing reliable, easy-to-use and service-friendly floorcare products with a strong focus on providing the best possible quality/price ratio. Viper products are sold globally primarily through dealers.

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Viper AS5160T Mid Sized Walk Scrubber Dryer is a highly productive walk-behind scrubber dryer with high battery endurance and tank capacity to clean for hours. Being easy and comfortable to use with their ergonomic design, these robust machines are ready for an in-depth performance on indoor surfaces.

Suitable for cleaning high traffic areas in hotels and restaurants, bus and train stations, factories, supermarkets, shopping malls, hospitals, schools, and other institutions.

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The AS710R/AS850R is medium-sized ride-on scrubber dryers and the perfect solution for scrubbing and drying in heavy-traffic areas. They are ideal for cleaning all kind off floors such as tiled floor, vinyl floor, sealed wood floor, marble, concrete etc.
Application: Ideally suited for daily indoor cleaning in mid-sized areas of railway stations, parking areas, shopping malls, exhibition centers, schools, hotels, public institutions and other commercial environments larger than 5000m².

> Powerful and easy to use medium size ride on scrubber/dryer
> High productivity with wide cleaning path and big tank capacity
> Simple and easy to use controls
> Variable speed drive
> Operates in forward and reverse
> Heavy duty cast aluminium squeegee assembly
> Ideally suited for scrubbing and drying in mid-sized areas
> One year commerical warranty
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Viper AS530R mini ride-on scrubber dryer designed for large areas providing high cleaning efficiency at attractive prices.  With battery and tank capacity to clean for hours, this machine is ready to take on areas of more than 5.000 m2. Tis is an ideal choice for cleaning in hotels, bus and train stations, supermarkets, exhibition centers, shopping malls, schools and other institutions.

> An integrated on-board charger enables easy plug-in and battery charge at any outlet
> Water solution level indicator with volume visible on the tank
> Large opening to the 73L recovery tank allows easy cleaning
> Built-in squeegee hanging system on recovery tank for easy machine transfer in narrow areas
> Productivity: Working width 53 cm, Squeegee width 73 cm
> Versatility: Cleans tiled floors, vinyl, sealed wood, marble, concrete and other surfaces
> Efficiency: Speed 5.5 km/h, Climb rate 10%
> High performance: Brush pressure 23 kg, Brush speed 160 rpm
> Low sound level: 69 dB(A) enabling daytime cleaning
> Robust design: Front bumper, strong main frame and heavy-duty aluminum squeegee
> User-friendly dashboard: Intuitive display and buttons
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Viper AS380 Compact 38cm Floor Scrubber which is ideal for smaller areas that are just too large or time consuming to manually mop.

The Viper AS380 effortlessly scrubs and dries the floor in one pass making it ideal for offices, small supermarkets and shops, hospital areas , hotel and school floor scrubbing.

It is a user friendly micro scrubber/ dryer. Its handle is adjustable, foldable and ergonomic which makes it user friendly, easy to use and store. With its size too, you can easily manoeuvre and move it.
Indeed a perfect solution for cleaning small, compact places!

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A great value for money, easy to use medium walk behind scrubber dryer. Ideal for medium sized areas that are just too large to manually mop.

Viper AS340B is great for use on middle sized areas of hotels, restaurants, schools, shopping malls and other retail outlets as well as hospitals.

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Viper AS510B compact floor scrubber dryer is great for medium size areas like hotels, restaurants, schools, shopping malls, hospitals and train stations and other retail outlets.

A great value for money. Viper AS510B is easy to use battery operated walk behind floor scrubber due its built-in charger, reduced pushing force and ergonomic start/stop switch.

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Viper FANG 26T Large walk behind scrubber dryer with easy to use and understand control panel is suitable for cleaning tough and dirty environments.

You can easily adjust brush pressure depending on your cleaning needs. It has a big capacity and longer battery run time – cleaning for a longer time is not a problem.
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You can easily clean floors in tough and dirty environments with this easy to use and manoeuvre Viper FANG32T large-sized walk-behind scrubber dryer.

It has a variable pad pressure which you can easily adjust to suit your cleaning needs. For more dirty areas, simply add more pad pressure.  It possible to clean for a longer time due to its longer battery run time.
For higher cleaning productivity , use VIPER FANG32T. It has big cleaning path and big tank capacity. It is suitable for cleaning large dirty environments.
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Viper DR1500H Electric Floor Burnisher is easy to use Ultra High speed burnisher specifically designed for large areas with less maintenance costs. Ideal for long lasting wet look shine to hard floors.

It is easy to manoeuvre and transport due to its large wheels and safety lock-out switch for safety. Its large wheels and bumper bring reliability and durability to the machine.

The right cleaning machine for high productivity in maintenance, and polishing of floors in medium duty applications. You can easily store this floor burnisher with its adjustable folding handle.
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Viper HS350 High Speed Single Disc Floor Scrubber is easy to use and manoeuvre which is perfect for hard floor scrubbing and for heavy duty cleaning.

This UHS single disc machine is automatically locked of when the handle is in 90 degree vertical position. Soft start system and automatic brush installation.
It suits well for indoor cleaning such as restaurants, hotels, schools, government institutions, shopping malls, and exhibition centres.
Machine comes with pad holder and is ready to use. It has larger wheels making it easy to transport and use. It makes a well-balanced too.
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Viper LS160 Low Speed Single Disc Floor Polisher is simple and user friendly low speed single disc machine for hard floor scrubbing and heavy duty cleaning. It has easy to use controls.

Viper LS160 automatically locked of when the handle is in 90 degree vertical position. It has a soft start system and automatic brush installation. Great for cleaning indoors like hotels, restaurants, schools, exhibition centers, government institutions and shopping malls.