Professional Grade Pest Control

Antagonist Pro Residual Ant Insecticide 1L

Fight off stubborn ants anywhere with the Antagonist Pro Residual Ant Insecticide that keeps your life ant-free all season. No more ant bites or creepy crawling pests on your walls, lawns, and gardens!

Battleaxe Pro Crack and Crevice Aerosol 420g

The BattleaxePro Crack and Crevice Aerosol is the ultimate solution to your pest problems. Its aerosol formulation allows you to eliminate all your tiny nemesis with just one spray.

Battleaxe PRO Roach Bait Gel 20g and 24 Pestie Dotz

Get rid of roaches like a pro with the unbeaten tandem of BattleaxePRO Roach Bait Gel & Pestie Dotz. Both products work hand in hand to effectively lure and eradicate pesky cockroaches of all sizes.

DeltaPro 25 Professional Insecticide

The DeltaPro 25 Professional Insecticide is at the cutting edge of pest control. It eradicates over a dozen types of pests such as cockroaches, spiders, and fleas that have been plaguing domestic, industrial, and commercial building for a long time.

Maxum Pro 125 SC Highly Concentrated Insecticide 500ml

If you're looking for the ultimate solution to drive out pests out of their hiding places to make the infestation very visible, the MaxumPro 125 SC Highly Concentrated Insecticide is the one for you! MaxumPro 125 SC is registered and effective to flush out cockroaches, spiders, ants, fleas, flies, silverfish, clothes moths, carpet beetles, bed bugs, mosquitoes, and stored product pests.


SAS PRO Professional Granule Ant Killer

When it comes to eliminating nuisance ants, SAS PRO Professional Granule Ant Killer is a highly effective, fast acting, non-repellent, odorless product that is specifically formulated for outdoor use to control ants. This product creates a barrier protections when spread on outdoor surfaces.