Jasol Titan Air Freshener and Odour Control 500ml

Jasol Titan Air Freshener and Odour Control is ideal for washrooms and interiors. It eliminates unwanted odours replacing them with the long lasting fresh bouquet fragrance.

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Jasol Klenzall Economical Neutral Reodorant Cleaner

Fresh pine fragrance, phosphate free, strong residual effect reodorant cleaner. Available in 5L and 20L.
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Jasol Waterlilly Neutral Water Based Reodorant


Jasol Titan Mountain Air - Linger - Air Freshener Odour Control

Jasol Titan Mountain Air - Linger is a scented cleaner reodorant, with strong residual effect and lingering properties having a revolutionary slow release agent making this possible. 
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Jasol Clini-fresh Incontinence Spray 5L

Jasol Clini-fresh Incontinent Spray is a powerful reodorant, long lasting, non-toxic, biodegradable nursing homes, toilets and anywhere unpleasant odours are encountered.

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Jasol Lemon Disinfectant Commercial Grade Disinfectant

Jasol Lemon Disinfectant is a neutral disinfectant cleaner containing a long lasting fragrance which may be used for disinfecting and reodorising of kitchens , bathrooms, toilet blocks, etc..

Jasol Mountain Mist Detergent Sanitiser

Jasol Mountain Mist Detergent Sanitiser is a detergent disinfectant blend of the finest eucalyptus oils and non-toxic, biodegradable surfactants to combine anti-bacterial and deodorant activity with excellent cleaning efficiency.

Jasol Superscent T Air Freshener -Disinfectant

Jasol Superscent T is a highly perfumed residual air freshener/ disinfectant designed for hospitals, hotels, restaurants, schools, and general industries.

Jasol Lemon Bleach - 4% Liquid Chlorine Bleach

Jasol Lemon Bleach  - Perfumed Liquid Chlorine 4% Available Chlorine that helps remove stains, whitens, disinfects and deodorises.