Britex Carpet Cleaners and Household Cleaning Solutions

Best Products in Class. Most Affordable. Safe Way to Clean your Carpet.

When you need deep cleaning for your carpets, Britex Carpet Cleaning Machines and solutions are what you need. Britex provides you with the safest and most effective way to deep clean and bring back, that new carpet feeling to your: carpet, upholstery, rugs, cars, boats, caravans and much more in under 4 hours. They have hot water extraction system that helps loosen and removes tough dirt, germs, allergens that are stuck in your carpets.

In addition, their cleaning solutions work well with all hot water extraction carpet cleaning machines. However, we recommend to use these carpet cleaners to achieve professional results.

Britex Carpet Cleaning Machine does not only provide Australians with an affordable alternative to professionally clean carpets but also provide a wide range of home cleaning solutions.

Live Clean, Love Britex  - the Australia's preferred choice when it comes to carpet cleaning! They provide the best quality products and the most affordable and safe way to clean carpets for over 30 years.

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Britex Carpet Cleaning Machine is a lightweight and easy to use, portable professional hot water extraction cleaning system. Using the power of hot water extraction, this carpet and upholstery cleaner reaches deep into your carpet fibres and fabric furnishings.

It can easily and instantly remove dirt, grime, dust, odours and allergens from your home caused by pets.  Bring back that new carpet feeling with Britex's ultimate professional, light-weight hot water extraction cleaning sytem!
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Britex Grout and Tile Brush Refill has a unique bristle and sponge system extracts grime from grout and revitalises floor tiles. Use with the Britex Grout & Tile Deep Cleaner and Britex Grout & Tile Deep Cleaning Wand for a powerful deep clean.

Specially designed to easily remove stains from your grout & tiles caused by:
- Heavy dirt build up
- Grease
- Soup Scum
- Mould

- Simple to attach and remove from the Britex Grout & Tile Wand.

Designed for cleaning large and open areas of tiled flooring, the Britex brush penetrates deep into your tiled flooring, removing those pesky stains and seemingly unremovable dirt and stains from grout. Leave your tiled floors with a clean and streak-free grout with a sparkling finish.

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When cleaning tiles a deep clean is not a surface clean – regular mopping actually pushes dirt into the grout. With Britex system, it uses hot water extraction to draw dirt and grime out of grout lines whilst cleaning tiles to give that once again new look. Britex Grout and Tile Wand leaves a streak-free finish on floor tiles when used with our specially formulated Britex Grout & Tile cleaning solution.

The Britex Tile & Grout Wand is to be used with the Britex Commercial unit. So if you own Britex Machine, you can now have the one machine that cleans carpets, upholstery and now tile and grout.  Strong performance, proven reliability, competitively priced for the ultimate in cleaning performance. Our innovative bristle and sponge system is specially designed to scrub away grime from floor grout, while the power of hot water extraction suctions dirty residue off your floors.
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Britex Grout & Tile Cleaner is a powerful deep-cleaning formula specifically created to clean and revitalise your grout & tile surfaces. For use Britex Hot Water Extraction Cleaning Machine with a Grout & Tile wand attachment with brush refill.

- Family safe – Protect your loved ones from harsh chemicals
- Proudly Australian Made
- Streak free – Designed to leave a streak-free finish on floor tiles after use
- refreshing lavender fragrance.

Thoroughly clean your floor grout and tiles, removing heavy dirt build up, stubborn greasy stains, soap scum and mould with Britex Deep Cleaning Grout & Tile Cleaner.

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Rug Doctor Mighty Pro X3 is an easy to operate, professional grade deep carpet cleaner that features a unique one-pass cleaning system. It is ideal for use in larger open areas.

Rug Doctor Mighty Pro X3 has a vibrating brush technology that deeply scrubs all sides of the carpet fibre which effectively cleans deep.

Eliminate the need for professional carpet cleaners that cost you hundreds of dollars with Rug Doctor Mighty Pro X3 Professional Grade Carpet Cleaner!

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Rug Doctor Deep Carpet Cleaner is an easy to use carpet washer with Dual Cross Action Brushes to scrub away dirt and remove stains. The scrub brushes deep clean each fiber from every angle and the grooming brushes polish carpet for plush results.

Rug Doctor Deep Carpet Cleaner features 75% more suction compared to leading comparable upright deep carpet cleaners, quicker clean and dry time. Quick results leave your carpet smooth, bright, fresh and clean. Quick dry takes up to 4 hours.

Use with Rug Doctor or Britex Carpet Detergent and Upholstery Cleaner for best results.
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Rug Doctor Portable Spot Cleaner is a leading portable machine for cleaning, removing stains and neutralizing odors on carpets, rugs and upholstery. This portable spot cleaner has 2x the suction power compared to other leading portable carpet cleaners. It has a powerful hand held motorized brush that moves 1200 times per minute.

Rug Doctor Portable Spot Cleaner is ideal for cleaning any soft surface in your home, including rugs, couches, mattresses, pet beds, car seats and more.
Make cleaning easy and convenient with the Rug Doctor Portable Spot Cleaner.

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Britex Deep Cleaning Carpet Cleaner cleans, beautifies, deodorises and protects your carpet.  For use in all deep cleaning hot water extraction carpet cleaners.

Britex Deep Cleaning Carpet Cleaner NOW with SpotGuard® Stain Repellent to protect your carpets against stains and spills long after it has been cleaned.
Available in 1L and 2L bottles.

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Britex Essential De-Foamer prevents foam and suds build-up in the recovery tank of the machine caused by detergent residue in carpets or upholstery, previously cleaned with shampoo or spray foam.
Always use Britex De-Foamer when cleaning with Britex Carpet Cleaner and Upholstery Cleaning machine. Available in 500ml bottle.
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Britex Universal Upholstery Cleaner is formulated to deep clean, deodorise, revitalise and protect upholstery including furniture, car seats and lounge suites. It cleans and brightens upholstery without harming delicate fabrics while leaving a fresh, clean scent.

Britex Universal Upholstery Cleaner NOW contains SpotGuard® Stain Repellent to protect against stains and spills long after you have finished cleaning.

It is gentle and can be used on a variety of different fabrics safely. For use with the Britex Upholstery Wand Tool. Available in 500ml bottle.
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Britex Spot n' Stain - Enzyme-Based All Purpose Stain Remover powerful, tested and achieve best in class in removing stubborn stains and odours on carpets, rugs, upholstery and most hard surfaces.

With active enzymes, it can effectively eliminate stains and odours at the source and is suitable for old and new stains from accidental food and beverage spills, crayon, chocolate, oil, grease, grime, mud, bbq and much more.
It has Spotguard® formulation which can protect your precious fabrics against stains and spills long after they have been cleaned.
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Britex Urine Remover's no touch, no scrub formula is designed to draw moisture and stains up and away from carpets, rugs, mattresses and upholstery. Simply spray and wait.

You don't need to touch, rub or scrub. This is effective against urine, blood and vomit. The advanced enzyme formula destroys the underlying odour and destroys stubborn stains. Safe for families with pets and children.
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Britex Odour Blaster has an advanced Enzyme formulation designed to attach foul odours from carpets, fabrics, upholstery, tiles, vinyl, and more.
Britex Odour Blaster is suitable for use on a wide variety of fabrics and hard surfaces.  The deodorising formula is great for all hose bad re-occurring odours in and around your home.  The gentle formula means it’s safe to use even if you have small pets or little ones.
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Rug Doctor Carpet Detergent cleans, beautifies, deodorises and protects your carpet. It is great for use in all deep cleaning hot water extraction carpet cleaners.
This carpet cleaning solution is formulated with SpotBlok® Stain Repellent to protect your carpets against stains and spills long after it has been cleaned.
For best results, pre treat heavily-soiled areas.  Use Rug Doctor Anti-Foam to maximise cleaning and drying.
I Litre bottle - cleans approximately 60m² (approximately 3 average sized rooms.)
2 Litre bottle - cleans approximately 120m² (approximately 6 average sized rooms.)
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Rug Doctor Anti-Foam prevents foam build-up in the recovery tank of a cleaning machine caused by detergent residue in carpets or upholstery previously cleaned with shampoo or spray foam.

Rug Doctor Anti-Foam special action assures optimal vacuum pressure for water extraction, leaving carpets and upholstery drier after cleaning. Excessive suds and foaming can affect vacuum strength and could stop and/or damage the Rug Doctor carpet cleaning machine.
Always use Rug Doctor Anti-Foam when cleaning with Carpet Detergent and Universal Upholstery Cleaner.