Rubbermaid Executive Series - Cleaning Solutions

Trusted. Durability and Reliability.Smart Design.

Rubbermaid Commercial is proud to introduce their new Executive Series line of cleaning products designed to:
- increase efficiency, improve safety and save money
- increase safety and security with these cleaning solutions that conceal supplies
- professional, discreet colour scheme that will blend into the environment
- reduced noise
Rubbermaid's Executive Series includes cleaning and housekeeping carts, surface cleaning, carpet care, hard floor care, safety products, and waste and material handling.

These cleaning products are suitable for all property areas:

 Guest Reception and Lobby Food and Beverage Areas
 Restaurants and Kitchens Maintenance and Facility Operations
 Pool and Fitness Centers Lobby and Entry Way
 Property Operations Public Restrooms
 Guest Rooms Office Areas
 Public Restrooms Fitness Centers
 Conference and Meeting Rooms Auditorium and Conference Rooms

Upgrade to Executive Series now, your partner for smartest solutions in commercial cleaning and maintenance!

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Rubbermaid Executive Quick Cart, the industry’s lightweight, compact, most durable mobile cart-less solution for housekeeping, janitorial and maintenance environments. It empowers staff to maintain areas discreetly and efficiently.

What are the benefits of Using Rubbermaid Executive Quick Cart:
- Its compact design remains inconspicuous which provides a premium guest experience, keeping the cleaning process hidden from view of guests.
- Easily move throughout the property even in tight spaces with its lightweight, more compact than traditional carts, and durable construction
- Deliver a flexible solution, customisable for the unique needs of your property. Versatile compartments allow for multiple configurations and uses, including housekeeping, maintenance, and more.
Rubbermaid Executive Quick Cart is available in 3 sizes: small, medium, large. See also accessories for optimum cleaning solutions.
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Rubbermaid Executive Traditional Janitorial Cleaning Carts are lightweight, constructed for superior performance and long-lasting appearance perfect for smaller facilities. Its thoughtful design makes it easy for staff to clean quietly and discreetly, day or night.

This traditional janitorial cleaning cart is made with durable construction with locking cabinet doors to keep inventory safe and secure. Lightweight and maneuverable for a variety of cleaning solutions.
Please see related products for accessories and complementary products.

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Rubbermaid Executive Janitorial Cleaning Cart 1861427  - High Security is a complete housekeeping, cleaning cart system that provides expansive storage space in which removable bins and caddies let staff restock before they clean, increasing productivity by eliminating search time for additional supplies.

It provides additional security and privacy with preassembled locking hood and doors. Its secure cabinet doors keep cleaning supplies concealed from view and locked up when carts are unattended.
This high security janitorial cleaning cart is ideal for use in the hospitality industry. You can customise your cleaning cart with accessories designed to improve productivity and to meet your cleaning needs.
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Rubbermaid Executive 16" Multi-purpose Microfibre Cloth is designed for fast, effective removal of dirt, bacteria, and allergens from all types of surfaces, even corners and crevices.

This superior germ-removing microfibre is proven to remove 99.9% of microbes to proivde a safe, cleaner environment for guests and employees.

Keep all types of work surfaces in top shape with this versatile microfiber cloth for wet cleaning or dry dusting.

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Rubbermaid Executive 16" Glass Microfibre Cloth is excellent for restrooms, spas, and fitness centers. scratch-free, lint-free cleaning of glass mirrors, and chrome.

This lint-free glass microfibre cloth keeps glass and mirrors shining bright and looking new. Its dense quality fibre removes more dust, dirt, and microbes than conventional cleaning products.

Bleach-safe and durable to withstand 100 launderings without compromising performance.

Quick Polishing of faucets and fixtures is easy using our Rubbermaid HYGEN™ Microfibre Cloths, Spray Bottles, and the choice of one of our Carry Caddies or Pails.

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Rubbermaid Hygen Microfibre Flexible Flat Mop Provides superior trapping of dust, dirt, and debris to improve wet or dry cleaning. Great for dust-collecting areas like crown moldings and crevices.

Premium split nylon/polyester blend microfibre provides optimal damp mopping performance. It fits Q855 Microfibre Flexi Frame

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Rubbermaid Executive Microfibre Flexible Frame Glass Mop Cover, premium split nylon/polyester blend microfibre provides optimal damp mopping performance.
It fits Q855 Microfibre Flexi Frame. It is specifically designed microfibre for cleaning glass. Perfect for windows.
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Rubbermaid Executive Microfibre Flexi Frame Damp Mop Cover

Rubbermaid Microfibre Flexi Frame Damp Mop Cover, premium split nylon/polyester blend microfiber provides optimal damp mopping performance. Superior construction and premium grade materials maximize durability and product life.

It is proven to clean floors 45% better than string mops, 25% better than conventional microfiber.
Patent Pending Zig-Zag design packs 17% more split microfiber into each mop. Durable mop construction – third party tested tough. It can withstand more than 500 launderings, 200 with bleach. Fits
Q855 Microfibre Flexi Frame.
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Rubbermaid HYGEN™ 22 Flexible Microfibre Duster and Frame is a multi-purpose, high-performance wand connects with our telescoping handle to easily clean vents and uniquely shaped fixtures. 

It easily bends and conforms to irregular shapes to allow users to clean crown molding, tops of cabinets, and other areas. It can easily collect dust, hair and larger debris. It works well for cleaning furniture and bed covers.

QUICK-CONNECT allows our wand to be used with any of our telescoping handles (1863882 & 1863883).

Its washable microfibre sleeve  is also easy to replace by just sliding if off the wand. Replacement washable sleeve is also available. It can be used for wet or dry cleaning that allows users to trap the largest amount of dust and dirt.

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Rubbermaid Executive Hygen Microfiber Telescoping Handle pairs perfectly with Microfibre Flexible Dusting Wand and Flexible Flat Mop Frame to provide effective and ergonomic cleaning with extended reach of ceilings, crown moldings, and corners.

Available in 2 sizes:
Short (20" to 40") - ideal for efficient cleaning of showers, tubs, and other hard-to-reach-areas
Long (48" to 72" - ideal for easy work of extended-reach cleaning tasks. With lengths up to 72" for pickup of dirt and debris.

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Rubbermaid Executive Heavy Duty Pail, durable pail with side handles provides support in storage and cleaning. It provides a quick and easy way to clean in tight places.

Available in black, grey and white colours.

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Rubbermaid's Brushless Mechanical Sweeper is a complete line of commercial sweepers for hard floors and carpets. Constructed of durable galvanized steel and tough ABS plastic.
The most versatile sweeper in the system, this model has non-marking rubber blades that effectively sweep up dust, debris and even semi-liquid debris from a variety of floor surfaces.

This is perfect for food service applications. Low profile for easy access around and under furniture. Wide 7.5″ sweep path with protective bumper. It has tinted window allows you to see when the sweeper needs emptying. Two debris canisters with one-touch emptying doors. Soft rubber wheels glide easily on carpet, vinyl, tile, wood and more.

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Rubbermaid Executive Pulse Microfibre Hard Floor Cleaning System is designed to clean more square feet in less time. With its industry-best microfibre, an on-board reservoir, and user-controlled release of solution, Rubbermaid Pulse means cleaner floors more effectively, easier and faster

Maintain a clean and comfortable facility with this line of hard floor care cleaning solutions that provides superior cleaning performance, proven to clean floors 45% better than string mops and 25% better than conventional microfibre.

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Rubbermaid Executive Lobby Pro® Upright Dust Pan is a stylish pan design with durable rear wheels that improve wear resistance. It is great for use in malls , restaurants and lobbies.

This upright dust pan will not stain, discolour or absorb odours. It has an optional hanger bracket(2535) allows for easy pan and broom transport and storage. It has self opening and closing lid (on 2532 and 2533) conceals unsightly dirt and debris. Bracket and brooms sold separately.
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Rubbermaid Executive Lobby Broom with Polypropylene Fill is well suited for one-handed cleaning under tables, fixtures and hard to reach areas. It is great for use in malls , restaurants and lobbies.

Tough polypropylene with flagged bristles trap fine particles. Unlike other brooms, it will not stain, discolour or absorb odours. This Executive Lobby broom can be used both wet or dry. It has a vinyl black handle.
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Rubbermaid's Executive Black Collapsible X-cart is durable, easy to maneuver basket truck system featuring a compact lightweight frame that collapses by 75% to improve organization, industry weight load capacity to increase productivity, and a sleek design for discreet, quiet operation to enhance image.

Rubbermaid collapsible basket and cube trucks are thoughtfully designed to operate easily, quietly, and discreetly.

Available in 4 (150L)and 8 Bushel (300L), and 2 (4 Bushel - 2 x150L)

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Rubbermaid Executive 35 Qt WaveBrake Side Press Mop Bucket with Dirty Water Bucket allows staff to work quieter and more efficiently. It is outfitted with quiet casters preventing cleaners from disturbing guests and a dirty water bucket to separate and hide dirty water from passersby.

With the revolutionary shape of the molded-in Wave Brakes, it reduces splash for up to 40% which results in safer, easier and more efficient mopping.

WaveBrake Wringers last 58x longer than comparable injection-molded wringers because of its durable construction.
Executive 35 qt. Grey Dirty Water Bucket nestles below the WaveBrake ® wringer to collect the dirty water and keep it separated from the cleaning solution.


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Rubbermaid Executive Wooden Multilingual Wet Floor Caution Sign 2-Sided designed to work well with other Rubbermaid products to help cleaning and waste management more efficient and safer.

The integrated carry handle provides easy transport and storage on cleaning carts and in closets. This floor safety sign is also foldable for convenient storage and transport on Cleaning Carts or Rim Caddies.

Protect your customers and keep them safe with this elegant and sophisticated "wet floor" caution floor sign! Available in stainless steel (silver) colour.

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Rubbermaid Executive Multilingual Caution Floor Sign 2-Sided is lightweight, foldable and durable plastic sign which makes it easy to transport. Multilingual warning messages in English, French, and Spanish provide effective communication to a broad audience.

This double-sided caution sign works well with other Rubbermaid products from keeping customers and employees safe, preventing them from slipping on newly polished or mopped floor.

Unlike orange or yellow warning signs, this model serves its important purpose without being an eyesore.

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Rubbermaid Executive Multilingual Caution Floor Sign 4-Sided is versatile, made of lightweight and high density polypropylene plastic with collapsible side which makes it easy to transport. Multilingual warning messages in English, French, and Spanish provide effective communication to a broad audience.

It is available in black colour which matches any decor.  Since it is 4-sided, your employees or customers from any direction will be able to see it.

Keep customers and employees safe preventing them from slipping on newly polished or mopped floor with Rubbermaid Executive Multilingual Caution Floor Sign 4-Sided!

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Rubbermaid FG9T7700BLA Ultra Compact Housekeeping Cart is great for small areas, but able to expand to meet growing needs. It feature a smarter design that provides superior maneuverability without compromising overall storage.

Carry all your supplies with you as you go with Rubbermaid Turndown housekeeping cart - a complete system solution for your microfiber cleaning needs!
Please see related products for accessories and complementary products.

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Rubbermaid Executive Housekeeping Compact Cart - High Security FG9T7800BLA is a double-capacity cart provides plenty of secure storage and blends into any environment.  Versatile, lightweight, and increased capacity in a smaller footprint.

Rubbermaid Commercial Executive High Security Housekeeping Cart is an ergonomic and lightweight housekeeping solution. The janitor cart is constructed of structural web plastic to resist germs. Full-size locking cabinet doors on both sides offer security and click into position when closed to prevent opening while on the move.
To maximise versatility, you can reconfigure it to keep your chaning housekeeping needs.

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Traditional Housekeeping cart from Rubbermaid is a complete system solution for housekeeping in the hospitality industry. Offers linen and trash collection along with an adjustable shelf for clean linens. Additional hooks on the back for tool storage.
It has a commercial grade moulded construction with 20.3 cm non-marking wheels and locking brakes. Hooded and non-hooded models available. Standard equipment includes vinyl bag, bumpers, vacuum holder and under deck shelf. This full size cabinet offers you with an exceptional storage space and optional adjustable middle shelf. Optional accessories available.

Compact model requires less floor space and maneuvers easily in tight spaces.