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Commercial Washroom Supplies and Accessories

ASI JD MacDonald provides more choices in paper towel dispensers, waste bins, combination units, soap dispensers, toilet paper dispensers/holders, shelves and much more accessories for commercial washroom.

What Makes ASI JD MacDonald Washroom Collections Unique?

ASI JD MacDonald have five distinct collections to match any aesthetic and performance need. Each of the five collections was designed as a suite of products that complement one another.

What Makes ASI Jd MacDonald Washroom Collection Unique?

1. Roval Collection - elegant, durable and exceptionally functional collection is engineered for high-profile settings. Subtle curves, one-piece seamless doors and flush tumbler locks, along with fully removable waste cans, strong hinges, an integral locking system and easy installation, make this collection ideal for the most aesthetically demanding applications.
2. Profile Collection - visually appealing collection with rounded edges is manufactured with highly durable 16 gauge stainless steel doors and 20-22 gauge cabinets. Concealed heavy-duty 5mm diameter piano hinges ensure smooth and long-lived operation, and rimless keyed-alike flush tumbler locks offer strong security with an elegant look.
3. Traditional Collection - has easily passed the test of time. These high-value products feature 22 gauge double-pan doors incorporating a “no-flex” structural fiberboard core. 22 gauge cabinets, heavy-duty 5mm diameter piano hinges and keyed-alike tumbler locks complete this broad product line.
4. Elegant Collection - combines seamless construction and crisp design lines to provide strength and comfort, beauty and durability, form and function. 18 gauge doors and 20 gauge cabinets conceal heavy-duty 5mm diameter piano hinges. All units are keyed alike.
5. Select Classic Collection - is a triumph of style and function. Manufactured with durable 20 gauge cabinets, 18 gauge doors and 5mm diameter heav-duty piano hinges. Offering uninterrupted clean lines, these stylish units will remain a feature of any washroom design for years to come.