ASi JD MacDonald Hand Dryers

Hand Dryers - Automatic - Manual - High Speed

ASI JD MacDonald provides a variety of hand dryers from manual or push button, automatic, high speed, ada-compliant, and including paper towel, hand dryer and waste receptacle in one unit. Choose from the products below that will best suit your washroom needs.

All component parts of all hand dryers shall be warranted to be free of defects in material and workmanship for the warranty period.

Turbo 3-in-1 Paper Towel Dispenser High Speed Hand and Waste Bin Fully Recessed

This sophisticated 3-in-1 cabinet is designed to be completely recessed into the plane of the washroom wall, highlighting the seamless design that defines Piatto. The phenolic door is attached to the cabinet using field-adjustable, furniture quality hinges and is secured shut by an internal spring-loaded latch. All hardware is concealed giving the Piatto Collection its minimalist appeal.

Turbo-Slim High Speed Hand Dryer - Matte Black

Only 102 mm deep, this high-speed dryer can fit in most confined spaces. Quick drying with infrared sensor, auto-resetting thermostat and adjustable air speed and temperature. On/off heating options. Dryer automatically shuts off after time-out.

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Touchdry Surface-Mounted Push Button Hand Dryers

Touchdry Push Button Hand Dryer, easy to install, heavy duty formed steel hand dryer. It has a solid touch button operation.


Applause Plus Automatic ADA-Compliant Hand Dryer White

Applause Plus ADA-compliant, compact automatic hand dryer with modern, durable design suitable for small areas. Quick drying, no touch, energy efficient operation.

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Applause Automatic Hand Dryer

Applause Automatic Hand Dryer with sensor operation, streamlined, minimal design for smaller environments. Engineered for washrooms requiring low noise levels.


Tri-Umph Surface-Mounted High-Speed Hand Dryer

Tri-Umph Surface-Mounted Hi-Speed Hand Dryer is a state of the art, ergonomic and high speed, quick drying (about 12 seconds) hand dryer.  Air blows down from vents on top, preventing water splashback  and  achieving  fast  drying time.


Turbo-Dri Surface-Mounted High-Speed Automatic Hand Dryer

Turbo-Dri Surface mounted,high-speed, quick drying and powerful hand dryer. Infrared sensor, auto re-setting thermostat, a 60 second automatic shut off and adjustable air speed and temperature settings.


Turbo-Slim Surface Mounted Automatic ADA-Compliant Hand Dryers

Turbo-Slim Automatic Hand Dryer is surface-mounted, high-Speed and compact at only 102 mm deep which can fit in most confined spaces with no need for a recess kit. Quick drying (less than 15 seconds) and operates automatically using infrared sensor.

Select Classic G2 3-in-1 Paper Towel Dispenser, Hand Dryer & Waste Bin

Three-in-One Accessible Compliant Paper Towel Dispenser with Waste Receptacle and Automatic Electric Hand Dryer can hold and dispense 500 standard multi-fold or 400 standard C-fold paper towels and has a waste capacity of 26L stainless steel.

Turbo 3-in-1 Paper Towel Dispenser Hand Dryer and Waste Bin

Turbo 3-in-1 Paper Towel Dispenser, Automatic Hand Dryer & Waste Bin is fully recessed and accessible compliant three-in-one unit.  Features paper towel dispenser, high speed hand dryer with adjustable speed and temperature settings and 26L waste receptacle.