Vive Re-charge Bath and Body Products

Viva Re-charge bath and body are products are infused with black pepper and grapefruit essential oils which revitalizes, gently cleanses the skin and helps protect against free-radicals. This invigorating formula is enhanced with nourishing black pepper and protective vitamin C and is infused with the intoxicating fragrance of exotic spiced fruit on a warm spicy, base of dry amber, oud wood and dry down.

Each item is paraben-free, biodegradable and carbon neutral.

Vive Re-Charge Bath and Body Products

VIVE Re-charge Cleansing Conditioner Ctn 200

Vive Re-Charge Cleansing Conditioner helps maintain essential nutrients while gently purifying hair with this cleansing conditioner. It is infused with aromatic Black Pepper and Grapefruit oils which revitalizes and gently cleanses the skin.


Vive Re-Charge Conditioner Ctn 200

Massage mineral-rich Black Pepper and Grapefruit oils into your hair and scalp for lustrous locks with a touch of earthy spice with VIVE Re-charge Conditioner.


VIVE Re-charge Shampoo Ctn 200

Vive Re-Charge Shampoo contains the natural cleansing properties of Black Pepper and Grapefruit oils revitalise your hair and enliven your senses. Enriched with pepper and grapefruit essential oils.

VIVE Re-charge Shower Gel Ctn 200

Vive Re-charge Shower Gel cleans and reinvigorates tired skin with stimulating Black Pepper and Grapefruit oils to leave you feeling fresh and energised.


Vive Re-Charge Body Lotion Ctn 200

Treat your body in an antioxidant rich Black Pepper and Grapefruit oils with Vive Re-charge moisturising Body Lotion scented with exotic warm spice.
Ctn 200

VIVE Re-charge Facial Fuel (Homme) 40ml

VIVE Re-charge Facial Fuel for men rehydrates your skin after each shave with the powerful natural combination of Black Pepper and Grapefruit oils in this refreshing Facial Fuel.

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Ctn 200

Vive Re-Charge Body Emulsion 40ml

Vive Re-charge Body Emulsion replenishes moisture after cleansing with this sumptuous emulsion enriched with the vitamins and minerals of Black Pepper and Grapefruit oil.

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Vive Re-Charge Bath and Body Soap

Create a luxurious lather of nutrient rich Black Pepper and Grapefruit oils with this exotically fragrant vegetable bath and body soap.