Puriti Cleaning Detergents

Hand and Automatic cleaning detergents available in easy to use sachets.

Puriti Hand and Automatic Cleaning Detergents
Carton of 500

Puriti Dishwashing Liquid Sachet 20ml

Puriti super convenient and economical dishwashing liquid in 20ml sachet.
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Carton of 500

Puriti Dishwasher Powder 10gm

Dishwashing powder in 10g sachet. Easy and convenient to use.
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Puriti Laundry Liquid Sachet 20ml Carton of 500

Economical laundry liquid in 20ml sachet.
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Puriti Laundry Powder 20gm Carton of 500

Laundry powder in 20g sachet. It has a clean and contemporary design suitable for most accommodation providers.
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