MOR Snow Gardenia

MOR Snow Gardenia is an Australian owned luxury bath and body products enriched with Gardenia extract and Avocado Oil. It contains notes of floral Gardenia, herbaceous Angelica and refreshing Juniper Berry, as rich Ylang Ylang, Sandalwood and Vanilla Musk.

Let your guests experience opulent extravagance with Triple-milled soap, antioxidant-rich body cream and invigorating washes.

MOR Snow Gardenia Bath and Body Products
As this range is an exclusive product to 3+ star establishments or high end Air BNB, the purchase needs to be monitored by the manufacturer to maintain a high quality of customer base to keep the stature of this range to higher end of the marketplace “  This is why our customers need to email request to . The approval process takes about 1 week.

MOR Snow Gardenia Cleansing Shampoo Ctn 200

Purify your locks as you revel in fresh florals with MOR’s Cleansing Shampoo in a convenient 35ml tube. Antioxidant-rich Gardenia Extract imparts a beautifully heady bouquet for an experience as fragrant as it is cleansing.

MOR Snow Gardenia Hydrating Conditioner Ctn 200

Nourish and hydrates while detangling hair making it manageable, shiny and smooth with MOR Snow Gardenia Hydrating Conditioner in a convenient 35ml tube.

MOR Snow Gardenia Nourishing Body Wash Ctn 200

Wash tired skin with MOR Snow Gardenia Nourishing Body Wash enriched with Gardenia extract and Avocado Oil in a convenient 35ml tube. A revitalising burst of skin-loving liquid that imparts the exotic aromas of Snow Gardenia as it gently purifies skin for clear perfection.

MOR Snow Gardenia Soothing Body Lotion Ctn 200

Experience the luxurious nutrients of MOR SNOW Gardenia Soothing Body Lotion in a handy 35ml tube and 40ml bottle.

MOR Snow Gardenia Triple-Milled Pleat Massage Soap 35g Ctn 200

Cleanse skin without depleting its natural moisture with MOR Snow Gardenia Triple-Milled, Vegan Friendly 35g Massage Soap. A pure vegetable base helps keep hands soft and supple while the light scent of herbaceous florals lingers on fresh skin.

Carton of 200

MOR Snow Gardenia All in One Travel Accessory Box

Enhance comfort and convenience, ensure that every need of your guests is catered for with MOR Snow Gardenia Travel Accessory Kit. It is complete with Shower Cap, Sanitary Bag, Sewing Kit, Vanity Kit and Emery Board.

Carton of 10

MOR Snow Gardenia Black Marble Display Tray

The perfect accompaniment to the MOR Snow Gardenia Collection is opulent black marble vanity display tray.
It is ideal for storage and organizing of these bath and body products.