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3M Disposable protective coveralls offer comfort and protection for at risk-workers against harmful dust, or light liquid splashes or any hazards in industrial workplace, allowing them to move freely and to do their jobs efficiently while giving them the confidence that they have the top-notch personal protective equipment.


3M Protective Coverall 4510 helps protect against light liquid splashes (such as spray) and hazardous dusts. It is a certified PPE Directive Category III and Type 5/6 protection standards.

This protective coverall is made of microporous laminated material which allows air to escape from within the suit, while helping to protect from.

Available in 5 different sizes: medium, large, XL, XXL, and XXXL.


The 3M™ Protective Disposable Coverall 4515 is a safety work wear made of lightweight, breathable polypropylene. This strong 50gsm SMS coverall with superb breathability and comfort can be worn comfortably for long periods of time and help productivity.

Suitable for various applications, it helps provide basic barrier protection against certain light liquid splashes and hazardous dusts.


The 3M™ Protective Disposable Coverall 4520 is made using the latest lightweight, breathable material technology, with a soft cloth like feel that can be worn for longer periods. It is used to protect against static against static discharge, hazardous particulates and liquid splash Type 5/6.


The 3M™ Protective Coverall 4532+ range is made from a highly breathable and lightweight 5 layered SSMMS material, providing the wearer with CE Type 5/6 protection with specialist treatments providing anti-static protection and an enhanced liquid repellency.

The 5 layer SSMMS material is specially treated to increase the repellence to certain oils and solvents enabling this product to be used in many applications not usually suitable for SMS-based coveralls. Available in blue (with a light blue triangle back panel) and Cool White colours.

3M™ Protective Coverall 4535 provides you with a balance of protection, durability and additional comfort. Certified as CE Type 5/6 protection, it  utilises a dual material design with added comfort features to optimise wearer acceptance.


3M™ Protective Disposable Coverall 4540+ is ideal where both high levels of protective performance and comfort against certain light liquid splashes and hazardous dusts, including nuclear particles needed. It offers high-performance protection while delivering worker comfort.

3M™ Protective Disposable Coverall 4540+ features:
- Constructed with a non-woven laminated material
- Breathable, SMMMS fabric back panel to help improve air ventilation
- Low linting, microporous PE Laminate
- Anti-static treatment on both sides
- Back panel helps reduce heat build-up
- Extra room for arms and legs for ease of movement
- Meets standards for Type 6 Splashes, Type 5 Dust, Anti-Static and Nuclear protection
- Two Way Zipper with sealable storm flap for convenience and added protection
- Knit cuffs and elastic waist and ankles for increased comfort and mobility


3M™ Protective Disposable Coverall 4565+ is a safety work wear made of a high quality laminated material which has an  impressive level of liquid barrier protection such as liquid splashes, hazardous dusts, and certain biological contaminants whilst maintaining its unique soft feel and well-fitting drape.

Typical applications may include: Paint Spraying, industrial and pharmaceutical manufacturing, asbestos inspection and handling, pesticide spraying and Healthcare.

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3M Disposable Boot Cover 450 is an accessory help protect the wearer’s footwear from limited non hazardous liquid splashes and dusts and may also help reduce contamination of the working environment.

This overboot is made from a microporous laminate material with a sole to help reduce the risk of slipping. 3M Disposable Boot Cover 450 features:
- White, laminated, low-linting  fabric (as Type 5/6 3M™ Protective Coverall 4535)
- Elastic at the calf
- Fabric has Anti-static treatment
- Universal Size with ties to help provide a good fit
- PVC sole to help reduce the risk of slipping