Agar Stainless Steel Care Cleaning Products

Prepare to be amazed at how brightly shine your old stainless steel can be with Agar's Stainless Steel Care Cleaning Products. These cleaning products are designed to prevent finger marks, to protect the surface from rust and reduce cleaning time. By using proper tools and cleaning products, stainless steel appliances can be kept rust free and looking great even if it's used for many years.

Agar Steel Shine Water-based Stainless Steel Polish

Agar Steel Shine Water-based Stainless Steel Polish has a dry, colour-free finish that cleans, polishes and protects stainless steel, aluminium, copper and bronze surfaces with a deep shine. Steel Shine leaves a very thin protective film which is dry, non-sticky and makes daily cleaning much quicker and easier.

Agar Stainless Steel Oil 5L

Agar Stainless Steel Oil is a blend of high-quality oils that will protect and enhance stainless steel panels. When applied lightly and evenly, Stainless Steel Oil prevents finger marking and smears to be wiped off easily.  Daily cleaning becomes a simple task of lightly polishing with a clean dry cloth.