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Agar Presoak Chlorinated Alkaline Powder 10kg

Agar Presoak is a chlorinated alkaline powder, free flowing and non-toxic. Dissolves food residues and teacup stains.  It is used for cleaning, sanitising and removing stains in kitchens, laundries, bathrooms, hospitals and nursing homes.

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Agar Safety Bleach Oxy Bleach Detergent Powder 10kg

Agar Safety Bleach is a blended sanitising powder based on safe oxygen bleach. Phosphate-free. Excellent for pre-soaking, bleaching and sanitising of general clothing and nappies. Safe on coloured fabric.

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Agar Blue Active Laundry Powder

Agar Blue Active has a powerful cleaning and brightening action while being safe for washing all cottons, coloureds, whites, washable synthetics and blends. Working in both hot and cold water, Blue Active powder is suitable for both front-loaders and top-loaders.


Agar Flair Laundry Powder

Agar Flair Laundry Powder is phosphate free, effective and economical powder laundry detergent. It handles the dirtiest loads with hot or cold water. It is suitable for both top-loaders and frontloaders.


Agar Taurus Concentrated Liquid Machine Laundry Detergent

Agar Taurus Concentrated Liquid Machine Laundry Detergent is phosphate free, safe on all machine washable fabrics. Effective on the heaviest of soil in hot or cold water. Contains optical brighteners to restore the brilliance of colours and a fresh fragrance.

Agar Laundry Break Heavy Duty Alkaline Detergent

Agar Laundry Break is a heavy-duty alkaline detergent ideal for use as a breakwash to prevent protein soils from setting. It has very good emulsification and suspension properties to leave washed articles cleaner and brighter. Do not use on wool or silk.

Agar Laundry Brightener Laundry Safe Bleaching 5L

Agar Laundry Brightener provides safe bleaching for the removal of a wide range of spots and stains without affecting the fabrics or colours. It is suitable for use on cotton, polycotton, wool, silk and synthetics, both white and coloured.

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Agar Laundry Detergent Surfactant Rich Liquid Detergent

Agar Laundry Detergent is a surfactant rich liquid detergent used as the main detergent component in the wash cycle. It is suitable for cleaning heavily soiled laundry including whites, coloureds, cottons and synthetics. It is made for use in industrial, institutional and commercial laundries.

Agar Laundry Sour Concentrated Acid Finishing Agent 5L

Agar Laundry Sour is a concentrated fabric finishing agent suitable for use on all fabrics and both whites and coloureds. It is mildly acidic to neutralise any traces of alkalinity in the fabrics.

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Agar Wool Wash Eucalyptus Scent Cleaning Mix 5L

Agar Wool Wash is a, eucalyptus oil-based, gentle cleaning mix for washing woollen garments and other delicate fabrics.  Gentle detergent for removing soil from woollen textiles, washable silk, lace, chiffon, satin, synthetics and upholstery fabrics including blankets.

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