Agar Food Processing Cleaning Products

Food Processing Cleaning Products

Agar Ac-201 Acid Based Liquid CIP Detergent 200L

Phosphoric acid-based liquid CIP detergent for removing food residues,  scale, beerstone, minerals and lime from metallic, plastic and ceramic surfaces.

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Agar Alcohol Sanitiser AS-60 Ready-to-Use

Alcohol Sanitiser AS-60 is a ready-to-use, an excellent, no-rinse sanitiser for all cleaned surfaces. It evaporates quickly, has a strong antibacterial action and leaves no residues.


Agar Bleach Cleaner Sanitiser Disinfectant

Agar Bleach is a chlorine based, cleaner, whitener, and sanitiser for cleaning and sanitising toilets, washrooms, kitchens, showers, etc.


Agar Chloradet Hospital Grade Disinfectant

Agar Chloradet Hospital Grade Disinfectant highly concentrated foaming cleaner with caustic and bleaching action that cleans walls, baths, showers, glass, porcelain, unpolished tiled floors.

Agar L.A.D. Acidic High Foam Detergent Sanitiser 200L

Agar LAD Detergent is an acidic high foaming detergent that dissolves scale, residues, protein, scale, lime and rust from hard surfaces and metal objects. This foaming acid-cleaner/sanitiser is suitable for dairy and food prep areas.

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Agar Foam up Foaming Cleaner and Sanitiser 5L

Agar Foam Up Foaming Cleaner and Sanitiser is a powerful, high foaming detergent and germkiller for use in food-processing areas. Foam Up is very effective for removing fats, proteins and oils on utensils, walls, floors and machines.

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Agar Powerquat Quaternary Germicide Sanitiser 5L

Agar Powerquat Quaternary Germicide Sanitiser is a strong disinfectant based on twin-chain quaternary ammonium for use in food processing plants. When diluted down, can be used as a no-rinse sanitiser.

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Agar RF-12 Sanitiser Concentrate - No Rinse Food Grade Sanitiser

Agar RF-12 Sanitiser Concentrate, no rinse, food-grade sanitiser for use in kitchens and food processing areas. It is excellent for general surfaces, pots and pans, floors and equipment. When cleaned then treated with RF-12 items are rendered safe and free from bacteria.

Agar Presto Caustic Based Cleaner Degreaser

Agar Presto Caustic Based Cleaner Degreaser is a high foaming cleaner, as well as being a heavy-duty floor cleaner, which is excellent in food preparation areas, showers, barbeques or any other area where surfaces & fittings are soiled with organic fats, oil, grease, soap scum and etc.


Agar Renegade Concentrated Hard Surface Cleaner

Agar Renegade Concentrated Hard Surface Cleaner is a high performance, versatile degreaser for removing stubborn dirt, oil, grease and soot from the most dirty of floors, equipment and machinery. Fast-reacting and powerful. It rapidly loosens dirt and soot, allowing it to be washed away.

Agar Hook Acid Rust and Scale Removing Detergent 200L

Agar Hook Acid Rust and Scale Removing Detergent is a free-rinsing, low-foaming, highly concentrated acidic detergent designed for C.I.P applications, descaling stainless steel, removing mineral deposits and removing rust and scale from meat hooks, rollers and gambrels in abattoirs and meat processing works.

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Agar Hook Clean HD Alkaline Cleaner 200L

Agar Hook Clean is a heavy-duty alkaline cleaner for cleaning and removing of fats and oils from meat hooks, gambrels, soak-tank rollers, slides, chains and other meat handling equipment in abattoirs and food processing plants. It is designed for use on mild steel, cast iron and stainless steel surfaces.
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Agar Hook Oil Concentrate Rust Prevention Emulsion 200L

Agar Hook Oil Concentrate forms an emulsion in water that makes a rust-prevention compound and lubricant for meat-handling equipment such as meat-hooks, slides, gambrels and rollers.

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