Agar Floor Care Cleaning Products

Floor Care

Agar has been specialising in Floor Care Systems for nearly 50 years now consistently developing products to provide excellent results- durability, stunning shine and clear value. Their Floor Sealing System is formulated to minimise the need to strip and seal floors, to improve productivity and to reduce associated costs.

Agar's Floor Care includes sealers, base sealers, specialised sealers, sealer removers, floor maintainers, daily cleaning detergents, spray buff and neutralizer. They have diverse range of floor care products to suit different degrees of resilience, hardness and porosity to ensure there is a solution to suit every floor.

Agar Neutralizer Acetic Acid Solution 5L

Agar Neutralizer Acetic Acid Solution is a powerful solution for neutralizing alkaline residues on hard floors and carpets to return the pH level to an acceptable, neutral value.

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