Agar Carpet Cleaning Products

Carpet Cleaning Products

Agar’s range of specialised Carpet Cleaning Products create a brilliant clean every time, offer dependable performance and great value. The range includes spotters, stain removers, pre-sprays, Hot Water Extraction (HWE) formulations, treatments and upholstery care products to provide a solution for every task.

Agar Bonnet Cleaner

Agar Bonnet Cleaner  is free-rinsing, fast drying premium liquid detergent for bonnet cleaning of carpets. It cleans all types of carpets by the rotary bonnet method.

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Agar Amsolve Carpet Food Protein Blood and Stain Remover

Agar Amsolve Food, Protein and Blood Stain Remover brightens run-down synthetic carpets. It is a biodegradable chemical solution in removing food and protein-based stains in carpets.

Agar Carpet Spotter B - Carpet Stain Removal Solvent

Agar Carpet Spotter B is a carpet-stain removal solvent suitable for removing adhesive tape marks, cosmetics, lipstick, Lysol, mascara, nail polish, some types of ink stain and oil stain.

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Agar Tannex Coffee, Tea and Browning Spotter

Agar Tannex is a biodegradable, mildly acidic carpet spotter effective in removing stains caused by coffee, tea, beer, urine, berry and red wine spillages.


Agar Exit Carpet Detergent

Agar Exit Premium Carpet liquid detergent is used as addition to the tank of carpet hot-water extraction machines. Also ideal as a carpet stain pre-spotter prior to cleaning.

Agar Anti-static Carpet Spray

Agar Anti-static Carpet Spray is an economical, perfumed, pleasant, easy to apply carpet treatment that gives excellent results in preventing static electricity from building up in carpet fibres.

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Agar G-Solve Grease, Oil and Gum Remover - Carpet Pre-Spotter

Agar G-Solve Grease, Oil, and Gum Remover, pre-spotter for removing stains from carpet and clothing prior to rinsing or washing.

Agar Citrus Extra Carpet Pre-spray Detergent

Agar Citrus Extra Carpet Pre-Spray Detergent is a biodegradable, phosphate-free with natural citrus-based ingredients. It is a new-generation, low alkaline carpet pre-spray liquid detergent for HWE carpet cleaning, in compliance with AS 3773.


Agar Spot Wiz RTU Carpet Spot Remover and Upholstery Cleaner

Agar Spot Wiz is a biodegradable, versatile, effective, ready-to-use general purpose carpet spot remover and upholstery cleaner with citrus-based ingredients. It is ideal for distribution to all cleaners for immediate use on spots and spills. Also ideal for household use.


Agar Antifoam Silicone-Based Defoamer

Agar Antifoam is a super concentrated silicone-based defoaming agent which quickly break down foam and bubbles that accumulate in the recovery tanks of hot water extraction and automatic scrubbing machines where foam creates problems.


Agar Solspray Spray Wipe Detergent

Agar Solspray is a unique solvent detergent dissolves grime,smoke films, ink marks and routine soil from hard surfaces including doors, walls, desks, tables and carpets without leaving residues.


Agar Bionil Antibacterial Cleaner

Agar Bionil Antibacterial Cleaner is highly concentrated quat-based disinfectant that combines a strong germ-killing action with excellent heavy duty cleaning properties. For use in tackling extreme bacterial contamination such as after flooding, sewerage leaks, mould build ups and rotting organic matter.

Agar Cap-it-off Encapsulation Carpet Cleaner 5L

Agar Cap-it-Off Encapsulation Carpet Cleaner can be used on all types of carpet and fabric upholstery. The latest technology has gone into making Cap-It-Off; this product dissolves and encapsulates soil so that it never re-deposits on the carpet fibres.

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Agar Carpet Shampoo Dry Foam Concentrated Cleaner 5L

 Agar Carpet Shampoo is a concentrated dry foam shampoo for rotary machines or spot cleaning. Excellent on all carpets. Residue dries into crystals for vacuuming away.

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Agar Super Deo Air Freshener and Cleaner 5L

Agar Super Deo Air Freshener and Cleaner is formulated for restoration work to mask unpleasant odours resulting from floods or sewage backflows.

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Agar Citrus Spotter Natural Solvent Spotter 5L

Agar Citrus Spotter is a biodegradable, all natural and phosphate-free spotter with a citrus fragrance. Citrus Spotter will remove grease and oil, oily stains, tar, adhesive, rubber,etc., and is a fast acting spotter which evaporates completely leaving no residue.

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Agar Coffee Stain Remover

Agar Coffee Stain Remover is a  super-powerful 2-part (a and b) peroxide based product for attacking stubborn coffee and red wine stains from carpet and upholstery, and hard floor surfaces.

Agar Cosmex Cosmetics and Glue Solvent 5L

Agar Cosmex Cosmetics and Glue Solvent is a non-flammable, low-odour carpet stain removal solvent suitable for removing adhesive tape marks, cosmetics, lipstick, mascara, nail polish and some types of ink stains from carpet, fabrics and hard surfaces.

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Agar Browning Treatment for Carpets 5L

Agar Browning Treatment is a powerful solution for removing cellulosic browning stains and watermarks from all types of carpet and upholstery. Browning Treatment is a mild acid which leaves no residues. Its mild acidity neutralises residues from alkaline detergents.

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Agar Everfresh Carpet Deodoriser 5L

Agar Everfresh Carpet Deodoriser is a concentrated liquid formulated for neutralising and removing bad odours from carpets smoke, vomit, urine, perspiration, spoiled foodstuffs and other spillages. Ideal for use on stain-resistant carpets where ordinary deodorisers cannot be used.
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Agar Protector Water-Based Protection for Carpets and Upholstery

Agar Protector Water-Based Protection for fabrics, carpets and upholstery which creates a barrier to soilage around the fibres making them repel spills and stains.
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