Stimex Waterproofer Liquid 500ml - Canvas Waterproofing

Stimex Waterproofer is used for textile coating. This extra concentrated Stimex Waterproof is suitable for all types of cloths and many applications. 

Stimex Waterproofer Spray Aerosol Can 500ml - Canvas Waterproofing

Stimex Waterproof Spray is an extra concentrated textile coating suitable for all types of cloths and many applications. Because of its composition, it is permanently elastic, breathing and can be used for moist fabric.

Stimex Camp Blue 2.5 L Liquid- Toilet Chemical

Stimex Camp Blue Toilet Liquid is environmentally sound highly concentrated especially designed for the waste tank of the chemical toilet.

Stimex Camp Flush 2.5 L Liquid- Toilet Chemical

Stimex Camp Flush is a biodegradable toilet flush additive which provides a pleasant smell and aids with a cleaner flush. It is designed for the flush tank of the chemical toilet.

Stimex Handy Potti 15L Portable Camp Toilet

Stimex Handy Potti portable camping toilet is designed with the highest attention to comfort and quality.  The ease of use with this portable toilet makes it unique with many other available chemical toilets.

Stimex Outdoor Spray Aerosol 500ml

Stimex Outdoor Spray guarantees an outstanding result on impregnation and maintenance of outer surface of clothing made of waterproof, windproof and breathable fabrics.

Stimex Tent Cleaner Liquid 500ml

Are you looking for ways on how to clean mould, mildew and tent odours? Stimex Tent Cleaner is an environment-friendly effective detergent applicable for with thiuse on tents, sun shades, garden parasols, awnings, boat sails etc.

Stimex Waterproof Seam Sealer 85ml

Stimex Seam Sealer is a great product to waterproof your tent to keep you and your family dry while you are on a camping adventure.  It assures waterproof seams of tents, rucksacks, rain suits, etc

Stimex Camper Cleaner Liquid 500ml

STIMEX® Camper Cleaner is an environmental-friendly maintenance product for caravans, campers, boats and cars. It removes algae, tar, insects and other seasonal dirt.

Stimex Camp Soft 4 Rolls Toilet Paper

Stimex Camp Soft 4 Rolls Toilet Paper, quick dissolving toilet paper which is great for use on all types of potable toilets.