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Super Soft Nitrile Examination Gloves

Super Soft Nitrile, powder free disposable glove has been upgraded to an examination grade glove. The super soft nitrile glove offers the wearer outstanding feel, comfort and grip.

OATES Cotton Knit Gloves

Made up of 100% cotton knit construction for excellent dexterity and sensitivity.

Ansell Silverlined Gloves General Purpose Rubber Gloves

Ansell Silverlined General purpose rubber gloves are specially textured surface for better grip. Traditional smooth silverlined finish inside glove enables them to glide easily on and off your hands.


Latex Gloves Lightly Powdered - Box of 100

Soft and flexible for ultimate dexterity and sensitivity.


DuraFresh Antibacterial Flock Lined Rubber Gloves

Pure cotton flock lined. Treated with Acti-Fresh® to inhibit growth of bacteria. Non slip grip. Resistant to cleaning detergents.


Cleaners Supermarket® Green Apples

Cleaners Supermarket® Green Apples IS Australia's first non-caustic oven cleaner which needs no heat and really works due to it's special cleaning foam.


Chemitab Enzyme Tablets for Urinals

Chemitab Enzyme Tablets for Urinals include a unique enzyme deodorant, which effectively kills bacteria, deodorizes and eliminates smells with every flush.


Ultra Air Deodorising Urinal Flat Screens

Ultra Air Deodorising Urinal Flat Screens contains 15 times more fragrance than traditional urinal screens. Its flexible design enables an easy fit into any urinal and it is also suitable for waterless urinals.

Sweet Lu Blue

Toilet blue that goes in the cistern. Added surfactants to keep the bowl clean and with a nice smell each flush.
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Edco Merri Loo In-Cistern Toilet Cleaning Capsule - Pk3

Edco Merri Loo is a simple to use, hygienic and super effective in cistern tablet. .
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Ultra Air 2.0 Deodorising Urinal Screen

The ULTRA air system contains 30-40% fragrance material depending on the fragrance chosen.

Z Screen Deodorizing Urinal Screens

Z Screen is the modern deodorizing urinal screen with more features than ever.

Bio Tabs Green Waterless Urinal Deodorizer Drain Maintainer

Bio-Tabs works Green on organic waste that are the source of urinal clogging and bad odours for mens urinals. Recommended for maintenance of ultra-low flushing and no-flushing conventional urinal.

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Sweet Lu for Standard Cisterns

Sweet Lu for Standard Cisterns Deodouriser/cleaner. Lasts up to 3 Months. Sweet Lu will cleanse, deodorise and disinfect for an average life of three months.

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Bobson Toilet Block in Screen

Bobson Toilet Block in Screen generally lasting between 30 to 60 days depending on the traffic. Recommended for older toilet with the drain covers missing! or for aesthetic appeal over traditional blocks.

PU120012 / DACU
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82 Litre Garbage Bags - Black - Heavy Duty

950mm High x 810mm Wide - Flat packs - 5 pks x 50 Pcs

Carton 250 Bags.

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120 Litre Garbage Bags - Heavy Duty

1100mm High x 950mm Wide - 25 pcs per pack - 4 packs per carton
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Pro Val Hazguard SMS Disposable Coveralls

The SMS triple layer disposable coverall is made from non woven polypropylene spunbond, meltblown and spunbond. This triple layer matrix acts like a filter to keep out smaller particles, ie. asbestos.

240 Litre Garbage Bags - Black Heavy Duty

1450mm High x 1140mm Wide - 25 pcs per pack - 4 packs per carton
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54 Litre Garbage Bags - Medium Duty

850mm High x 640mm Wide - 25 pcs per pack - 10 packs per carton
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73 Litre Garbage Bags - Black - Heavy Duty

900mm Wide x 760mm High - 25 pcs per pack - 10 packs per carton. Ctn 250. Easy Dispense.
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Bin Liners - Large 36 Litre

700mm High x 590mm Wide - 50 pcs per roll - 20 rolls per carton (1000 bags)

High Density Sanitary Bin Liner



73 Litre Garbage Bags - Black - Heavy Duty on Roll

900mm High x 760mm Wide - Perforated Roll - 25 pcs per roll - 10 rolls per carton
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Halo Fast Dry Glass Cleaner - No Ammonia

This is one of the best window and shiny surface cleaners ever made. Fast dry means window and glass mirrors can be cleaned in half the time. No residue, smear-free, pleasant deodorising fragrance.