Paper Rolls I Hand Towel 80m x 16 Rolls per Carton

Budget priced, white paper roll hand towel. Low lint which helps for use with general cleaning and glass cleaning. Cartons of 16 rolls. 80 metres per roll.

Tork Universal Roll Towel 90 Metres 16 Rolls 1440 M

Tork Universal Roll Towel is a low cost, economical value roll towel. Versatile hand towel ideal for hand drying and wiping. Our biggest seller in roll towel.

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TAD Compact Paper Towel 20 x 120 Sheets by Cleaners Supermarket®

TAD Compact Paper Towel 20 x 120 sheets. 1 ply.  42gsm. Sheet size 200 x 250 mm. Embossed. White virgin pulp. 16 packs / carton. 96 cartons / pallet.


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Tork Basic Paper Centrefeed 1ply M2 280 metres 4 rolls 1120 metres

Tork Basic Paper Centrefeed 1ply M2  is an all-round single use wiper with perforation to enable easier tear off. Certified guaranteeing environmentally responsible purchasing.

Centrefeed Paper Towel 300m

The perfect product for single use. Centrefeed paper towel allows a trouble free, hygienic, and low cost technique of cleaning and drying without hassle. 300m per roll x 4 rolls or 6 per carton. 19cm high rolls. Due to its strength and versatility it is well suited for the food handling and automotive industry.

Carton of 16

Hand Roll Paper Towel 18cm x 80m

A hand paper  roll towel which feels extra thick due to the point embossing which is quilted from point t to point. A step below the TAD Quality paper but softer that the mechanical grade yellowish paper. A must have.
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Case of 24 Packs

Kleenex Compact Hand Towel 900 Sheets x 24 Packs

KLEENEX® Compact Towels, white, 90 per pack, each towel 29.5cm × 19cm. It delivers premium quality with superior softness, strength and absorbency. Great for small spaces without compromising on performance and quality.

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Ultrasoft 2 Ply Toilet Paper

Ultrasoft 2 Ply Toilet Paper is individually wrapped toilet roll. 400 sheets per roll. 2 ply. 15 gsm. Standard sheet size 10x11cm. Roll diameter 110mm. No emboss. White virgin pulp. 48 rolls/ carton. 32 cartons / pallet.

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Jumbo Toilet Paper 2 ply

This paper is used in high traffic areas to avoid embarrassing run outs. Grade 1 Virgin Pulp that is a heavy 15GSM Quality. 300 Metres on each roll which comes 8 to a carton. That’s a huge 2.4 Klm of paper per roll. Carton of 8 Rolls.
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Tork Matic Universal Extra Long Hand Towel Roll H1

Tork Matic Universal Extra Long Hand Towel Roll H1 is perfect for a busy washroom. It is suitable for the Tork Matic® Hand Towel Roll Dispenser which is designed for easy maintenance in high traffic washrooms. It saves time and controls consumption by one-at-a-time sheet dispensing compared to roll towel.

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Kitchen Paper Rolls 12 Twin Packs

Kitchen Paper Rolls 24 rolls in total, we at Cleaners Supermarket have tried many papers from manufacturers over our 11 years in business. This Kitchen paper roll is a personal favorite of our staff and works well with high absorption.

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Carton of 6

Kleenex® Executive Hand Towels

Kleenex Executive Hand Towels provide a comfortable experience for the user with its luxury feel and ultra-soft texture. Hygienic one-at-a-time dispensing reduces waste, maintenance and cost for high traffic washrooms without compromising on comfort.
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1 Carton

Eternity Flower Collection Facial Tissue

Soft 2-ply facial tissues. Provides ideal softness, strength and absorbency

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Tork Premium Facial Cube Tissue 90 sheets 24 packs 2160 sheets

 The perfect combination of softness, absorbency and strength.Ideal for use in high quality bathrooms, hotels, office suites and health care institutions. Make a responsible choice with a FSC certified refill.

Case of 16 Packs

Scott Compact Hand Towels 110 Sheets x 16 Packs

SCOTT® Compact Towels, white, 110 per pack, each towel 29.5cm × 19cm. Designed to sit neatly in every washroom and dispenses a fully opened towel, one sheet at a time to reduce overuse.

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Tork Ultraslim Multifold Hand Towel Advanced 150 sheets 20 packs 3000 sheets

Tork Ultraslim Multifold Hand Towel Advanced is ideal for low traffic washrooms with limited space - holds up to 200 towels. Viewing windows show when servicing is required.

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UltraSoft 2 Ply 700 Sheet Individually Wrapped Toilet Paper Roll

UltraSoft 2 Ply 700 Sheet Individually Wrapped Toilet Paper Roll is affordable, offering value for money without compromising on quality. Whether you are in the hospitality industry, maintaining a commercial washroom, or catering for your next special event, the Ultrasoft range offers the finest quality at exceptional value.

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Carton of 48

KLEENEX® Executive Toilet Tissue Roll 2 Ply 300 Sheets

Kleenex Exectuive Toilet Rolls are designed to minimise time and cost with zero compromise on quality with its high sheet count. These high absorbent toilet paper rolls provide a luxury feel and superior softness for user's comfort.

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Cleantouch Examination Vinyl Gloves Powder Free

Cleantouch Vinyl Gloves are perfect for allergy concerned users due to their DOP, DEHP and latex free design. Easy on and easy off. Ideal for use when handling food. Gloves statistically tested to standard AS1199.

48 roll carton

SCOTT® Toilet Tissue Roll 2 Ply 400 Sheets

SCOTT® White Toilet Tissue, 2 ply, 400 sheet, 48 rolls per carton, Individually wrapped. The perfect alternative for quality and value.

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Tork Advanced Toilet Paper Compact Roll T6 100 metres 27 rolls 2700 metres

Unique micro embossing with a grey laurel leaf print for improved softness and quality image.Stronger tissue means less breakage and mess on the floor.EU Ecolabel certified and 40% recycled post-consumer waste guaranteeing environmentally responsible purchasing.

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Ansell Cotton Gloves

All-Purpose 100% Cotton Gloves. Soft on hands and extra moisture absorbency and comfort.  Specially designed for comfort and maximum dexterity.

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Mediflex Flexi Examination Latex Gloves Powder Free

Mediflex Flexi Latex Gloves are soft and flexible for ultimate dexterity and sensitivity. Suitable for clean room applications.


Ansell Natural Gloves

Ansell Natural Gloves are environmentally friendly household glove. Made from renewable resources- 100% Natural rubber latex.


ProVal EcoClear Vinyl Disposable Gloves Clear

EcoClear Vinyl disposable gloves are latex free which are ideal for many different type of applications, and be used for protection either in food service or non food service areas.