Paper Cups


Paper Cup | Colourful Biodegradable Coffee or Water Cup

A single wall paper cup which is biodegradable and compostable with loud prints to excite the drinker. This coffee or water paper cup is made from high quality material which really does conform to eco friendly requirement.


Hot Cup Classic Snap-on Lids Carton 1000

Disposable plastic lids for paper hot cups and paper cold cups. Hot Cup Classic Snap-on Lids are a cost effective and reliable all-purpose cup for takeaways, offices, catering, and events.

Sipper Lid for 8oz Paper Cups Ctn 500

Lid to Suit all 8Oz Paper Hot Drink Cups. Available in black and white. Carton of 500.

Sipper Lid for 12-16oz Paper Cups Ctn of 500

12-16oz Black Lid to Suit all Paper Hot Drink Cups. Available in black and white

Printed Paper Chip Cups Ctn1000

Printed "hot 'n' tasty" Paper Chip Cups available in 8Oz and 12Oz. It helps keep food crisp and fresh longer. 

Alfresco Printed Cold Paper Cups

Printed paper ice cream paper cups for all gelato, yoghurt and soft serve requirements. Available in different sizes.

Alfresco Printed Ice Cream Paper Cups

Printed paper ice cream paper cups. Ideal to serve milkshakes, juices, soft drinks and slushies.
Carton of 1000

Disposable Paper Water Cup 200ml 6oz

An eco friendly choice when it comes to drinking cups. Disposable paper cups for your cup dispenser shows you care for the environment and often your clients appreciate this gesture.

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EcoChoice Single Wall Paper Coffee Cups

Environmentally friendly hot coffee cups. It is odourless, taste-neutral and heat resistant up to 100°C. Available in 8oz, 12 and 16 oz. Carton of 100