Jasol Glaze Neutral Cleaner

Jasol Glaze All Purpose Neutral Cleaner. Concentrated, low foam detergent, pleasant fragrance, phosphate free. KOSHER Approval. HALAL Approval.

Actichem Stone Gel Pro Limescale and Grime Remover

Actichem Stone Gel Pro hard surface cleaning cream removes limescale and grime from polished & acid sensitive surfaces - marble, granite, fine stone.

Britex Grout and Tile Cleaner 1L

Britex Grout & Tile Cleaner is a powerful deep-cleaning formula specifically created to clean and revitalise your grout & tile surfaces. For use Britex Hot Water Extraction Cleaning Machine with a Grout & Tile wand attachment with brush refill.


Cleaners Supermarket® Neutraclean Neutral Floor Cleaner

pH Neutral floor cleaner. For manual mopping or in auto scrubbers on all floors. Low foaming formula helps prevent streaking.


Citron Neutral Cleaner 5L

Citron Neutral Detergent is a phosphate free, biodegradable multipurpose detergent specifically formulated for cleaning sealed and unsealed floors.


Cleaners Supermarket® Tile & Concrete Cleaner

A heavy-duty tile and concrete cleaner. Remove ingrained soils from quarry tiles, ceramic tiles, concrete, etc


Cleaners Supermarket® Acid Based Tile & Grout Restorer

Cleaners Supermarket Acid based Tile & Grout cleaner is excellent for cleaning grout residue off newly grouted tiles. It is also an effective cleaner for quarry tiles, ceramic tiles and concrete.



Punch Heavy Duty Tile Cleaner Research Products

Heavy duty, ceramic tile, quarry tile and concrete cleaner, highly Biodegradable, phosphate free, hi-tech formula. Powerful, highly active ceramic stain remover and restorer.

Tile Plus Highly Concentrated Heavy Duty Cleaner and Degreaser 5L

Tile Plus is a water soluble cleaner and degreaser which rapidly emulsifies, suspends and removes all types of animal, vegetable and petroleum oils.


Neutraclean Low Foam Cleaner & Neutraliser - Research Products

Neutraclean is an ideal low foam, creamy textured product with the ability to neutralise alkalinity. Excellent on vinyl, the preferred maintenance cleaner for terrazzo and ceramic tiles to maintain slip resistance.

Bissell Hard Floor Solutions Formula 473ml

Bissell 2X Hard Floor Solutions is specially formulated for fast, effective removal of tough dirt and grime, while leaving your floor with a natural shine.


Actichem Tile and Grout Restoration Cleaner

Actichem's T&G Restore is a proprietary hard surface cleaning and restoration compound for neglected, black grout lines and tiles.


Actichem Grout Restore 20 and 60 Potentiated Phosphoric Acid Cleaner

Grout Restore 20 & 60 Potentiated Phosphoric Acid Cleaner. It is ideal for use in conjunction with professional hard surface cleaning equipment.


Actichem Chlorosan Thickened Chlorinated Detergent

Actichem AP720 Chlorosan is a powerful chlorinated detergent with excellent cleaning capabilities and potent anti-mould, anti-bacterial action giving it a vast variety of applications.


Actichem Tile and Grout Abrasive Cream

Actichem T&G Cream, Tile and Grout abrasive cream with Nano technology is an excellent spot cleaner for hard surfaces.


Actichem Actisorb Stain Absorber

Actichem Actisorb Stain Absorber is a new technology, neutral pH powder with incredible stain absorption properties and non-scratch abrasives.


Actichem Proneutro Neutral Detergent

Actichem's ProNeutro is a new generation, neutral pH detergent cleaner specifically made to take off soil from pH sensitive surfaces such as fine stone and polymer coated flooring.


Clean n Easy Concrete and Driveway Cleaner - Heavy Duty

Clean N Easy Concrete and Driveway Cleaner is a water based, non-toxic, biodegradable and non-flammable cleaner/degreaser, which is concentrated for maximum economy. 

Clean n Easy TR-50 Brick and Tile Paver Cleaner

Clean n' Easy's Brick and Tile Paver Cleaner can quickly and effectively clean brick and concrete, quarry and wall tiles, rubber, vinyl, plastic and metal surfaces.

Suma Bio-Floor No Rinse Floor Cleaner 3.78L

No rinse bacteria fortified floor cleaner for ceramic tiles, vinyl and epoxy resin floors.

Rejuven8 Floor Cleaner and Maintainer 5L

Rejuven8 is a neutral multi-purpose cleaner & maintainer created to enhance the appearance of worn floor finishes.

Enzyme Wizard No Rinse Floor Cleaners

Enzyme Wizard No Rinse Floor Cleaner pH Neutral formula for all floor surfaces. It leaves floors cleaner and safer. Designed to discharge down the drain where the enzyme formula will continue to attack the grease and food waste.


Enzyme Wizard Heavy Duty Floor Cleaner

Enzyme Wizard® - Heavy Duty Floor Cleaner is blended to clean heavy grease, oil, dirt and stains from floors, walls, tables and other hard surfaces. It is designed to discharge down the drain where the enzyme formula will continue to attack the grease and food waste.


Actichem Crete Clean Concrete Cleaner | Grout Residue Removal

Crete Clean Concrete Cleaner is an advance in the chemistry of removing concrete and grout residues from mixing and transportation equipment.


Long Life Grout Cleaner

Long Life Grout Cleaner is extremely effective in removing tough and long term stains, cleaning and restoring grout and tiles.


Long Life Antibacterial Tile Cleaner

Long Life Tile Cleaner is specially formulated not just to remove dirt but also to revitalise and leave tiles sparking clean.

Long Life All Purpose Floor Cleaner 2L

Long Life All Purpose Floor Cleaner is a biodegradable, effective cleaner that cuts through all dirt tough grease and grime on all floors and hard surfaces.


Bona Stone, Tile and Laminate Floor Cleaner

Bona Stone, Tile and Laminate Floor Cleaner is safe for floors, families and environment. It works terrific on wood laminate floors leaving no dull residue and is streak free.

Simple Green Stone Cleaner Ready to Use 946ml

Simple Green Stone Cleaner is a non-toxic formula that works on natural and engineered stone in removing food, dirt, oils, smudges, fingerprints.

Simple Green Stone Polish Ready To Use

Simple Green Stone Polish conditions surfaces such as marble, granite, quartz, limestone, Corian®, Silestone®, ceramic, porcelain, engineered stone, and more to restore and maintain their luster.

Agar Autoscrub Low Foaming Detergent

Agar Autoscrub Low Foaming Detergent is designed for scrubbing acrylic sealed floors and other hard surfaces. Recommended for cleaning Agar sealed floors.  It enhances and extends the life of the floor sealer. 


Agar Freshmop Lemon Scented Neutral Cleaner

Agar Freshmop lemon scented neutral hard floor cleaner is economical, non-toxic, safe to use on sensitive surfaces like terrazzo, marble and slate. Rinse free.


Agar HC-90 Low Foaming Wash Up Detergent

Agar HC-90 Low Foaming Wash Up Detergent is a concentrated, mild general purpose detergent that is odourless, solvent free and will remove all sorts of soilage from all sorts of floors, walls etc.


Agar Shinywash Pine-Scented Floor Cleaner and Restorer

Agar Shinywash is a biodegradable, pine-scented floor cleaner and restorer which simultaneously cleans and polishes the floor’s surface. It removes all types of routine floor soilage from vinyl, timber, linoleum and stone floors.

3M Neutral Cleaner Concentrate 9.5L

3M Neutral Cleaner Concentrate 9.5L is a no-rinse, low-foaming formula won’t harm washable hard floors or leave soapy residue that can dull or soften floor finish.


Agar pH-7 Neutral Detergent

ph-7 Neutral Detergent is environmentally preferred detergent suitable for both floors and general cleaning. It is citrus based, it is suitable for marble, terrazzo and other alkali-sensitive surfaces.