Long Life

Long Life Floor Cleaning Products are proudly formulated in Australia for Australian conditions and are committed to top quality products. 

These cleaning products are available in most major Australian Supermarkets and hardware stores.
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Great product for leaving a protective shine and high gloss finish on your floors such as linoleum, vinyl, plastic, rubber, sealed wood and sealed cork flooring.
You can use this without any buffing machines but still giving your floor protective coating and shine finish. This is perfect for sealed floors. 

Many satisfied customers love this due to its fantastic results and how easy it is to apply.

Long Life Grout Cleaner is extremely effective in removing tough and long term stains, cleaning and restoring grout and tiles.

It is easy to use. It provides deep clean without scratching your tiled surfaces. It can be used on ceramic tiles, slate, terracotta brick and masonry surfaces. When applied on white grout, it will turn white and brighten the grout leaving it a new look.

Available in 750ml and 2 litres.
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Long Life Tile Cleaner is specially formulated not just to remove dirt but also to revitalise and leave tiles sparking clean.

Its antibacterial properties create a safe and a clean environment for children at home. The formula does not leave any residue or detergent haze at all. It is excellent to use on sealed tiles such as wall tiles, floor tiles, ceramic tiles, terracotta tiles and also quarry tiles. It's easy to use - simply add 100ml to 4 litres of water.

It is available in 500ml, 1L and 5L.

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Long Life Floor Mop and Glo is an easy clean, no rinse floor cleaner with wash and polish combination for routine maintenance of floors.

It is suitable for heavily soiled floors including sealed wood, sealed cork, linoleum and other sealed floors. Available in 1L and 5L.

Clean and polish your floors at once with Long Life Mop and Glo!
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Long Life Timber Floor Cleaner is specially formulated to remove tough grease and grime while creating a protective film to prevent floors from everyday wear and tear.
Using this floor cleaner regularly will give your timber floors superior shine and finish.  It is great for sealed timber, sealed cork and other sealed timber surfaces.

Available in 500ml, 1L and 5L.
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Long Life Cloudy Ammonia, general purpose cleaner that kills germs, cuts away grease and grime, and removes soap scum.

It is suitable for heavy duty cleaning such as toilet bowls, drains, bins, walls, floors, windows, tiles and woodwork. It is use to prepare floor surfaces for Long Life Self Shining Floor Polish.
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Long Life All Purpose Floor Cleaner is a biodegradable, effective cleaner that cuts through all dirt tough grease and grime on all floors and hard surfaces.

You can use it for superior clean on vinyl, rubber, sealed wood, sealed cork, linoleum, ceramic tiles and all other sealed hard surfaces around the home or workshop.  You can simply increase the concentration if a heavy duty application is needed.