Vacuum Adaptors and Other Small Attachments

Tool Adoptor 32mm Tool to 35mm Rod - Black

Adaptor Reducer 35mm Neck to 32mm Rod

Adaptor 32mm to 35mm Increaser

Adaptor 32mm to Hoover

Adaptor 32mm to hoover, sanyo and gap.

Quick Release Adaptor Polishers

Adaptor 35mm to 32mm Straight Reducer

Universal Adaptor for 38mm Tool

Belt Amway Uprights 1000 to 2000-3pk

Belt Kirby Gseries -2pk

Belt Piranah Enviro Upright

Belt - Wetheim

Belts - National Panasonic MCE41-43

Belt Suit Vax Upright


Small Attachment Pack

Small Attachment Pack Contains: Upholstery Tool, Dusting Brush, Crevice Tool & Tool Caddy.

Part No: Vc32 - 32mm

Part No: Vc35 - 35mm

Micro Attachment Kit - 32mm and 35mm

Adoptor Insert 35mm to 32mm Black - Reduces Neck Size

Universal Adoptor connects 30-38mm rods

Universal Adoptor connects 30-38mm rods to 32mm floor nozzle (packaged).

Adoptor Tool 32mm to 35mm rod - Stainless Steel

Adoptor Tool 32mm to 35mm rod - Stainless Steel suitable for BEP to rod connection

Tool, Hoover CK2 Tool Kit car care

Tool, Hoover CK2 Tool Kit car care includes 600mm long flexible crevice tool, 32/35mm upholstery/ microbfibre cloth

BEP 32mm Universal Plastic with Click-Ring | Hull Black

BEP 32mm Black Plastic and Stainless Steel

Vacuum Part Bent End Piece Metal

BEP, 32mm, Chrome, Superior, Swivel End, OMEC

Bent End Piece 32mm Chrome and Black PVC

Bent End Piece 32mm Chrome and Black PVC with click-ring and hull universal

Bent End Piece 35mm Black Plastic with click and swivel

BEP 35mm Black Plastic With Click and Swivel

36mm BEP Plastic for Pullman, Ghibli &Hako Models

Bent End Piece 36mm Pullman CB15P, CB15ss

Bent End Piece Stainless Steel

Ideal for commercial use with 38mm Rod ref 31300063

Adoptor CCH For Telescopic Rod 32mm

Upholstery Brush - 32mm

Combo Upholstery Brush with Horse Hair - 32mm


Flexi Clean Maxi Crevice Tool - Radiator Brush

Flexi Clean Maxi Crevice Tool 62cm Long, Radiator Brush


Upholstery Brush with Pickers - 32mm, 35mm & 36mm

Upholstery Brush with Pickers

Wide Flat Upholstery Tool - 32mm


Vacuum Claw - 1.5 and 2 inches

Vac Claw

Part No. VCLAW1.5    - 1.5 inch
Part No. VCLAW2       - 2 inch

Belt, pet hair eraser BS10N6F Bissell

Belt, Round Electrolux, Sanitaire

Belt, Flat Electrolux ZE3

Belt Agit Flat Electrolux, Eureka 4335-9875 Seabreeze - 140mm

Belt Flat Singer, Hitachi, National 661-6611, Panasonic

Belt, agitator Hitachi CV5OD-46OD

Belt Round Hoover Lark 1070, 1334-1346

Belt, Flat Hoover 1125-6033, Wertheim 171

Belt Flat Hoover | Turbolite

Belt, Flat Hoover 4266, 4617, Turbolite, U5052, U5162

Belt, Flat Hoover 3101, 6033, 5094-96

Belt for toothed CME Powerbrush

Belt for toothed CME Powerbrush, Hoover CME Powerbrush

Belt, drive Hoover U6445 -906, core 5 & 7

Hoover Vac Belt U1318,1432,2470

Belt - 32100117 for Hoover

Belt, Agitator Hoover U5443, U5435

Agitator Belt for Hoover Lark

Belt Agitator Hoover foldaway, U5162, U5179

Belt Agitator Hoover foldaway, U5162, U5179, Hoover Breeze U5025

Belt Agitator For Werthiem 4030, Hoovery Hygiene

Belt Flat PB1 to PB4 & ESB109 Powerbrush, Pullman 1207 agitator

Toothed Agitator Belt

Toothed agitator belt to suit Pullman 1407

Belt for Pu3.0, clutch & roller

Belt for PU3.0, clutch & Motor Gear

Belt for Flat Volta 501-507

Flat Belt for Volta | Panasonic | Hoover

Belt For Panasonic Mc465 Upright, Flat Volta 610-616, 1410-1450, Flat Hoover 1118-2182

Belt Toothed Tornado Powerbrush Ver2

Belt Toothed, TK2, Turbo Brush