Goods Handling Trolley

Clax Cart Mobile Folding Trolley - Australia's Favorite Shopping Cart Trolley

Clax Cart, mobile folding trolley for easier and more convenient transportation and handling of goods for use in business, office, or for personal errands.

Fold Up Trolley

Rubbermaid Spring Platform Truck Black

A full line of trucks for waste collection, material transport and laundry handling. Spring platform brings contents to a convenient working level for safer and less-fatiguing handling of material.

Rubbermaid Tilt Truck Utility Duty | Rotational Molded Black

Rubbermaid Tilt trucks with industrial strength construction transports heavy loads with ease. It is easy to handle and maneuver through commercial doorways and onto elevators.


Rubbermaid Structural Foam Tilt Truck | Utility Duty Black

Durable moulded trucks handle heavy loads with ease. It fits through standard commercial doorways and onto elevators easily.

Rubbermaid Heavy Duty Flat Shelf | Utility Cart

This heavy duty flat shelf utility cart is perfect for transporting materials, supplies, and heavy loads in almost any environment.

Rubbermaid Side Panel Platform Truck Black

Side Panel Platform Truck from Rubbermaid is great for transporting & retaining small packages & materials. Its wire side panels are heavy-duty, powder-coated that retains small packages and items.

Rubbermaid Sheet and Panel Truck 24" X 48" Black

It has a 907kg capacity and features built-in tie-down slots to secure loads while moving them and a textured surface greatly reduces slippage.


Rubbermaid Heavy Duty Utility Platform Truck Black

Heavy Duty Utility Platform Truck is ideal for moving large, heavy loads in almost any environment. Ergonomically designed push handle improves control & worker safety.

Mystar 150kg Folding Platform Trolley

Folding stainless steel handle. Blue Non Slip mat. Deck Size: 762 x 483mm. Handle Height: 910mm. Wheels - 100mm rubber - two fixed/two swivel. 1 Year Warranty.

Mystar 300kg Folding Platform Trolley

300kg capacity platform trolley with folding handle. Blue Non Slip mat.

Mystar 150kg 2 Tier Platform Trolley

Moving stuff is more convenient with 150kg capacity platform trolley with two tiers. Blue Non Slip mat.

Mystar 3 Tier Platform Trolley | Multi Deck Shelf Trolley

Transporting your goods is more convenient with this 3 tier platform trolley. Wheels - 100mm rubber - two fixed/two swivel. Pressed steel platform with non slip mat.


Jastek Hand Truck Platform Trolley

This platform hand truck is ideal for home, office and warehouse.

Ruxxac Business Folding Goods Handling Cart

Incredibly Space Saving goods handling cart which is only 55mm thick making it extremely easy to fit into any cramped storage or car boot or delivery van etc.

Ruxxac Foldable Goods Handling Cart - CT92 Business XL

Folding Hand Truck to carry and transport a load of 125kg. It uses a combination of modern fibres, steel and aluminium.

Ruxxac Goods Handling Cart Parcel Folding Toe Truck

The suitable truck for parcels of every size. It has a stable grid between the bars that enables you to stack parcels of different dimensions and avoids slipping through.

Ruxxac Foldable Goods Handling Cart CT-92 Stainless Steel

125kg Capacity. This folding hand truck is made from High-Grade Stainless Steel. This model offers increased longevity and is ideal for use in damp areas.

Ruxxac Jumbo Foldable Goods Handling Cart

Moving with heavy loads is made easy with this Ruxxac Jumbo folding hand Truck. It can carry 250kg capacity due to the high quality material combination (steel tube, aluminium, and glass-fibre reinforced plastics).

Ruxxac Cart Cross Folding Hand Truck 75kg Capacity

This cart is also known as Trekka. It can be stored in any small spaces as it can be folded down to only 120mm thick and can be available always for carrying heavy loads.

Collapsible Aluminium Platform Trolley CT-202

This platform trolley is designed to fit into tight spaces eg. back seat of car, behind cupboard, under bed etc.

Single Foldable Handle Platform Trolley 220kg Capacity

This small deck trolley allows you to carry high and bulky items on a level steel platform. Its compact deck size boasts an impressive 220kg capacity.

Single Foldable Handle Platform Trolley 370kg Capacity

Flat Bed Medium Platform Trolley can handle up to a 370kg Load and is also supplied with polyurethane castors.

Single Foldable Handle Platform Trolley 650 kg Capacity

Flat Bed Large Platform Truck can handle up to a 650kg Load and is also supplied with polyurethane castors.

Steel Platform Truck with Foot Brake 370kg Capacity

Heavy duty medium -sized platform trolley with foot brake. 

Steel Platform Truck with Hand Brake 370kg Capacity

Heavy duty medium -sized platform trolley with safety hand brake or deadman braking system.

Flat Bed Platform Trolley Double Fixed Handle 370kg Capacity

Flat Bed Platform Truck with Double fixed handle allows trolley to be controlled from either end.  It is good in tight or narrow corridors.

Flat Bed Platform Trolley Single Fixed Handle 650kg Capacity

Flat Bed Platform Truck with single fixed handle allows trolley to be controlled from one end.

Two Tier Double Handle Platform Truck

2-Shelf Flat Bed Tray mobile Trolleys available in 2 different sizes: 220kg and 370kg maximum capacity. It has stainless steel handle.

Two Tier Double Handles Platform Trolley with Zinc Plated Mesh Panels

Flat Bed Traymobile Trolleys with wire mesh sides on each tier to help keep unstable or unusual contents on the trolley.

Flat Bed Platform Trolley with Double Fixed Handles with Folding Wire Mesh Sides

Flat Bed Platform trolleys with wire mesh on all sides are ideal for the transportation of clean or dirty linen and cloths or products that can be stacked or difficult to transport due to shape or instability.

Three -Tier Double Handles Platform Truck

Multi shelf platform trolleys have precision cut low maintenance vinyl deck tops and reinforced steel deck construction.

Wagen King Foldalift Trolley - Portable Industrial Lifting Trolley

Wagen King Foldalift Trolley is a unique portable industrial lifting trolley. It's a safer and easier way to raise load in or out of a vehicle, or to place it on a bench, rack or into shelves. It can be folded for storage and travel, so it can fit in a little room in your vehicle whenever you want to take it with you.

Wagen King Multipurpose Drum Trolley

How to move or load and unload 200L drums and barrels easily? Wagen King Multipurpose Drum Trolley is a great solution in transporting heavy drums around a warehouse or distribution centre. 

Wagen Picker Offset Bins Blue Pen Holder

Wagen Order pickers offset frame for easy loading and unloading which is commonly used in narrow aisle warehouses, distribution centers, and fulfillment centers. Fitted with quality 125mm grey non marking castors for easy movement.

Wagen Order Pick or Pack Trolley with Pushrail

Wagen Order Pick or Pack Trolley with Pushrail, 2 bin configuration (bins not included), helps moving around the warehouse easily, improve productivity, save your energy!

Wagen Mail Trolley Black

Wagen Mail Trolley aids in picking up mail or other goods from the post office and wheeling them back to the office. Rear wheels (pneumatic or slick wheels) assist when going up and down gutters while the swivel front wheel makes the trolley easy to turn.

Wagen Multi Purpose Platform Trolley Medium Blue

Why need  2 or more trolleys when one platform trolley can be configured to serve multiple uses? Wagen Multi-Purpose Flat Bed Trolley ™ comes complete with all components and can do the job of at least 6 trolleys by simply swapping around the configuration.

Wagen Court Trolley - Stainless Steel Document Files Trolley

Wagen Court Trolley, features 3 separate levels to transport important files, documents, arch files and reference books between offices and court rooms. The top 2 shelves fold up to give you file size flexibility.