IEC Style Leads and Accessories

IEC Lead 15 Metre 10 amp 3 Core

IEC CABLE - 15m 7.5amp - 3 core

Part No: C-IEC1510

IEC Yellow Lead 15 Metre 7.5 amp 2 Core


IEC Right Angle 7.5 amp 15 Metre Lead


suits Nilfisk, Origin, Pullman, Tennant V5

Part No: C-IEC1510RA

IEC Right Angle 10amp 15Metre Lead

IEC Lead Left Angle 15m 7.5amp for Kirby

15m long left angle lead 7.5amp for Kirby.

Pig Tail Lead Short IEC for Pacvac Superpro 700

Short Lead with Moulded Grommet (700)

IEC Plug Only for Pacvac and Hako Rocket Vacuum

IEC Plug socket-2 Core

IEC plug socket outlet suitable for Pacvac Superpro, Hako Rocket Vac XP

Origin Power Receptacle

Powerhead socket to suit straight pin plugs.

Power Socket for Pacvac Power Lead - 3 core

IEC Socket for Power Lead

Suitable for Origin, Nilfisk & Pullman Backpacks

Grommet For Cleanstar Lead Powerhead

Powerhead Lead 1.35m Straight Pin Male - Stripped Lead

Powerhead Lead 1.4m for BackPacks

Powerhead Lead - 4.1m - Straight Pin Male

Powerhead Ext Lead-Electrolux

Powerhead Lead for Pacvac Machines

Wessel-werk Powerhead for Pacvac Backpacks

Wessel-werk powerhead for Pacvac backpacks (new models), hako rocket vac xp & pullman pc9 comes with iec lead

Cable Ties 1,000 Assorted Pack

Manufacturer Certified TS16949 / ISO9001

Each size packaged seperately:
* Qty: 200 - 100mm x 2.5mm * Qty: 200 - 140mm x 3.6mm
* Qty: 400 - 200mm x 4.8mm * Qty: 200 - 300mm x 4.8mm

Total Qty: 1,000

Plastic Cable/PLug Protector Casing for Extension Leads


Cord restraint - large for backpack

Cord Restraint/Retainer


Electrical Test and Tagging Service

Test tags (100 pack) with permanent marker. Supplied with One Colour Type per packet of 100 tags. Suitable for most environments. 43mm x 100mm | UV Stable | Superior tear resistance. Laminated with a seal down Security Flap to protect printed information. Each Test Tag has a unique number to aid with record keeping. Supplied with Permanent Marker Pen. Space for: Tested By, Plant/Item No,   Licence/Cert. No, Test Date. Next Test Due

RCD Inline 10AMP Black

Female plug 15 amp

Plug 3 Pin Female 10amp

Plug 3 Pin Male -10amp

PacVac Rubber Cord Restraint

Residual Current Device - Wireable

These RCD's have a rating of less than 30ms. We can supply RCD on lead.

Residual Current Device With Socket

Residual current device suitable for use with low-lying powerpoints I.E. skirting boards.

These RCD's have a rating of less than 30ms. We can supply RCD on lead.


Residual Current Devices - PDL Brand

Rewireable Plug
Part No:RCD-PDL (CAT9520R)

Plug-In Adaptor

Rubber Grommet Cable Protector

Upright Residual Current Device

Upright Residual Current Device suitable for use with low-lying powerpoints. (ie. skirting boards)

Powerhead Cord, Short - Backpack

Powerhead Cord -Electrolux

Powerhead Cord (Cannisters) 2.36m

Cord Powerhead-Male to match above Cords, 1.3m

Cord Flex 2.4m w/ 2 pin plug

Cord Flex 2.4m w/ 2 pin plug Suits ESB109/ Backpack

Clip Tie on P/Head leads, Rubber, Black

Switch for Atomic 1800W Bagless Vacuum Cleaner

Switch for Cleanstar Atomic 1800 Watt Bagless Vacuum Cleaner (Vatom & Vatom-o).

Part No: VATOM-16

Switch for Ghibli T1 Backpack Vacuum Cleaner

Switch for Most Dysons Vacuum Cleaners

Switch for Zelmer Aquario

Switch for Zelmer Aquario (V819.5SK).

Switch Rocker Illuminated 4 Pole

On Off Switch Rocker Illuminated S6 4 Pole

Residual Current Device - Plug In Style

Plug in RCD, plug in adaptor, 240v, 10 amp trip leakage 30mA

Orange RCD rewire-able Power Tripper

Wire onto Your Cable RCD, rewire-able adaptor, 240v, 10 amp trip leakage 30mA

Power Push Switch for Vax Models

Switch Power Push Vax V10-V12, 2000, 4000

Socket, Panel Mount for Electric Brush

Power Socket Repair Kit

Power Socket Repair Kit includes 1x power socket, 2x plastic pop rivets, suit Pullman & Origin backpacks

Globe, suit Hoover U4266-U6445, Tornado Powerhead