IEC Style Leads and Accessories

IEC Lead 15 Metre 10 amp 3 Core

IEC CABLE - 15m 7.5amp - 3 core

Part No: C-IEC1510

IEC Yellow Lead 15 Metre 7.5 amp 2 Core


IEC Right Angle 7.5 amp 15 Metre Lead


suits Nilfisk, Origin, Pullman, Tennant V5

Part No: C-IEC1510RA

IEC Right Angle 10amp 15Metre Lead

Short Lead with Moulded Grommet (700)

IEC Plug Only for Pacvac and Hako Rocket Vacuum

IEC Plug socket-2 Core

IEC plug socket outlet suitable for Pacvac Superpro, Hako Rocket Vac XP

Origin Power Receptacle

Powerhead socket to suit straight pin plugs.

Power Socket for Pacvac Power Lead - 3 core

IEC Socket for Power Lead

Suitable for Origin, Nilfisk & Pullman Backpacks

Grommet For Cleanstar Lead Powerhead

Powerhead Lead 1.35m Straight Pin Male - Stripped Lead

Powerhead Lead 1.4m for BackPacks

Powerhead Lead - 4.1m - Straight Pin Male

Powerhead Ext Lead-Electrolux

Powerhead Lead for Pacvac Machines

Wessel-werk Powerhead for Pacvac Backpacks

Wessel-werk powerhead for Pacvac backpacks (new models), hako rocket vac xp & pullman pc9 comes with iec lead

Cord restraint - large for backpack

Cord Restraint/Retainer


Electrical Test and Tagging Service

Test tags (100 pack) with permanent marker. Supplied with One Colour Type per packet of 100 tags. Suitable for most environments. 43mm x 100mm | UV Stable | Superior tear resistance. Laminated with a seal down Security Flap to protect printed information. Each Test Tag has a unique number to aid with record keeping. Supplied with Permanent Marker Pen. Space for: Tested By, Plant/Item No,   Licence/Cert. No, Test Date. Next Test Due

RCD Inline 10AMP Black

Female plug 15 amp

Plug 3 Pin Female 10amp

Plug 3 Pin Male -10amp

Residual Current Device With Socket

Residual current device suitable for use with low-lying powerpoints I.E. skirting boards.

These RCD's have a rating of less than 30ms. We can supply RCD on lead.

Rubber Grommet Cable Protector

Powerhead Cord, Short - Backpack

Powerhead Cord -Electrolux

Powerhead Cord (Cannisters) 2.36m

Cord Powerhead-Male to match above Cords, 1.3m

Cord Flex 2.4m w/ 2 pin plug

Cord Flex 2.4m w/ 2 pin plug Suits ESB109/ Backpack

Clip Tie on P/Head leads, Rubber, Black

Switch for Ghibli T1 Backpack Vacuum Cleaner

Switch Rocker Illuminated 4 Pole

On Off Switch Rocker Illuminated S6 4 Pole

Residual Current Device - Plug In Style

Plug in RCD, plug in adaptor, 240v, 10 amp trip leakage 30mA

Orange RCD rewire-able Power Tripper

Wire onto Your Cable RCD, rewire-able adaptor, 240v, 10 amp trip leakage 30mA

Power Push Switch for Vax Models

Switch Power Push Vax V10-V12, 2000, 4000

Socket, Panel Mount for Electric Brush

Power Socket Repair Kit

Power Socket Repair Kit includes 1x power socket, 2x plastic pop rivets, suit Pullman & Origin backpacks

Globe, suit Hoover U4266-U6445, Tornado Powerhead