Turbo Heads

Wessel TK286 Turbo Brush

The Wessel TK286 Turbo Brush is a universal central vacuum air-driven tool that fits all friction fit wands that are the standard 1.25" diameter.

Turbocat - Zoom 32mm

Turbocat - 32mm

Hand Held Turbo Head - 32mm


Turbo Head


Hand Held Turbo


Tk270 Wessel-werk Turbo head

Tk270 Wessel-werk Turbo head 32mm and 35mm


Tk284 Wessel-werk Turbo Head

Tk284 Wessel-werk Turbo Head 32mm and 35mm.

Pet Tool Kit 32mm

Pet Tool Kit

Lint Picker (Pet) Tool, Turbo Head, Handheld Turbo. Comes with Universal Adaptor to Suit Most Vacuum Cleaners.