Telescopic Extension Pole Parts


Glidex End Tips

Glidex Pole Tapered end tip with safe-connect locking latch. Pole Utility end tip/threaded end for cobweb brush, paint roller, squegee etc.


Glidex Pole End Grip

End grip for for 2 (G2P1) and 3 section pole (G3P1).

Ettore Angle Adaptor for Aluminium Extension Poles


Ettore Pole Clamps

Ettore End Tip Pro +

Tapered and threaded tip that fits almost any tool for high reach cleaning. Snap-In tip snaps right into tool. It comes with ring and pin.
Pack of 2

Ettore Pole Grip

The replacement grip for Ettore section poles. Various sections extension poles (1, 2, 3, and 4).

Ettore Tapered End Cone Pro +