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The Decor Speed® Compact Twist Mop features a super compact design for space saving storage.

It can effectively, quickly clean and remove dirt on all hard surfaces. It has a large microfibre head with a scrub pad that helps remove stubborn marks and stains without stress. It has an easy wringing action that removes all excess water with just a minimum effort.
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Decor Speed Indoor push broom which is great for use on vinyl, tile, lino, slate and polished timber floors.

Deluxe Indoor Push Broom is overfilled with supersoft angled fibres bristles. It has a strong light steel handle and hard wearing solid resin broom head. Bristles are flagged to collect and hold small dust and dirt particles. Its bristles are made of soft 100% nylon fibres.
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The Decor Speed® Outdoor Professional Broom has a built-in scraper on the broom head amd long steel handles with a swivel hanger end cap. A heavy duty outdoor broom with dual fibres - soft red bristles for dust; stiff grey bristles for heavy debris.
You can use this first class outdoor broom effectively both for residential and commercial cleaning tasks. Nylon reinforced ferrule with metal shaft insert.
Available width sizes  - 450mm and 600mm.
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Outdoor Premium Push broom has soft, protective edges and promotes better posture while cleaning. It has soft red bristles for dust rimmed with stiff grey bristles for debris.
 It has steel handle that has a swivel hanger.  It is made of 100% polypropylene bristles which are angled for wider sweep area.

Decor Speed Misting Spray Mop

Decor Speed
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Decor Speed Misting Spray, 100% power microfibre and has a built in removable water tank for bucket-less cleaning.

The 360 degree swivel action is amazing that allows you to access areas that are narrow and low gap floor level.  The light weight and slim design of mop plus the misting trigger makes it easy to use and store. It is good for people who have arthritic problems.

The microfibre pad helps you for speed cleaning and is great for use on all hard surfaces. It can even clean off foot grease from people walking barefoot on floors, collect dust & fluff like no other mop. It is easy to remove and can be washed too.

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Decor Speed Wash Up Draining Board White is bpa free, food safe, recyclable can be used to drain directly into the sink or to extend an existing draining board.

Sloped to drain effectively, it hooks neatly over the edge of the sink or the draining board.