Replacement and Accessories

Wagtail Sponge Pad Value Pack

4.8m (15.7') length replacement Sponge Pad for Hygienie, E-Squeegee & Power Pivot.

Wagtail Angle Arm

Wagtail Angle Arm is an extremely versatile attachment. Gives extra reach, improves access to awkward surfaces and adapts Wagtail products for use on floors.


Wagtail Flipper Pad Clips for Slimline and Pivot Control Flipper

Wagtail Clips for Slimline and Pivot Control Flipper Pad. It comes in a pack of 2.

Wagtail Flipper Pad Clips for Slimline Flipper (Set of 2)

Wagtail Clips for for Slimline & PC Flipper Pad. It comes in 2 per pack.


Wagtail Combi Clips

Clips for Combi tool with hook fastening for microfibre pad attachment.

Wagtail Pivot Limiter Pins

Wagtail Limiter Pins for PC handle. It comes in 10 per pack.

Wagtail Hip Dipper

Wagtail Hip Dipper is a great accessory for window cleaning - a bucket on a belt with squeezable plastic bag.

Wagtail Erkenomic Flex Pole 31.5" 80cm

Wagtail Erkenomic Flex Pole is a great addition to your cleaning tool, compound angle pole tip attached to flexible plastic pole 80cm.

Wagtail Pole Cap

Wagtail Pole Cap is designed for easy insertion and removal of window cleaning tools from most manufacturers.

Wagtail Orbit

The Wagtail Orbit helps you pivot water fed brushes to reach into corners and over obstacles without the need to be directly in line with the working area.  It can fit on 25mm-35mm brush handle.

Wagtail 10M Water Fed Tubing with Connector

Wagtail 10 metres PVC tubing with hose connector for water fed cleaning.

Wagtail Thick Pad for Curved Scrubber and T-Bar Mop

Wagtail Thick Pad is a thicker version of blue microfibre pad. Great for Curved Scrubber and T-Bar Mop.

Wagtail Wing Tips for Precision Glide Squeegee 5 Pairs

Replacement plastic wing tips for Precision Glide Squeegee. End clips for detailing window edges. It comes in 5 pairs.

Wagtail Squeegee Rubber 3M Roll

Wagtail squeegee rubber is one of the best rubbers in the world. It is a very long lasting, medium density rubber. It can fit all Standard Profile Squeegees.


Wagtail Scouring Strip for Pivoting Applicator

Wagtail Durable scouring strip for use on the Pivoting Applicator easily adheres to the Velcro® Brand closure on the Pivoting Applicator.