Wagtail Hygienie Squeegee with Clip-on Absorbent Pad

Wagtail Hygienie Squeegee has been developed in response to the Covid-19 (Coronavirus) pandemic. This plastic squeegee effectively washes, wipes, cleans and leaves any flat surface dry and virus free.

Wagtail Power Pivot

Wagtail Power Pivot is the squeegee with power steering, having the pivot integrated into the collet on the handle and positioned above the channel.

Wagtail Curved Scrubber - Pivoting Applicator

Wagtail Curved Scrubber, a pivoting applicator which is semi-cylindrical. The durable microfibre pad can scrub effectively and can be used by hand or pole.


Wagtail Precision Glide Pivot Control Squeegee

Wagtail Precision Glide Squeegee features a pivot control squeegee with hydration/glide pad and precision detailing end clips (for cutting into deep ledges, ensuring pixel perfect results edge to edge).


Wagtail PC (Pivot Control) Squeegee

Pivot Controlled Squeegee with Limiters (locks) to adjust the pivot range. Ideal for first time Wagtail users.


Wagtail Aluminium Slimline Channels

Wagtail Premium Aluminium Channels for Slimline and Pivot Control Squeegees.  Channel slides onto handle and is secured by a stainless steel phillips head screw.


Wagtail Slimline Squeegee

Wagtail Pivoting handled Aluminium Slimline Squeegee with a slim channel. Limiters (locks) sold separately. Lightweight and ergonomic requiring light touch.


Wagtail Orbital Aluminium Squeegee

Wagtail Orbital Aluminium Squeegee is faster than conventional squeegees and ergonomic. Great for speedy precision pole work. This squeegee is the professional window cleaner's choice.