Easy Hang Range

White Magic is all about answering the age old issues, and one of them is "Where do you store and dry your kitchen cleaning tools, like your scour pads, your sponge scours and your steel wool pads?"

White Magic found a- solution by inventing the "Easy Hang" Storage system, that allows you to easily store and dry your scour pads, your sponge scours and even your steel wool scours.

Combine this with the highest quality material in the business, and you've got the best washing up solution!

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White Magic Easy Hang Heavy Duty Scour Sponge is a versatile cleaning tool with nice thick PU sponge on one side, which is great for cleaning delicate things like non stick pans, glass, fine cutlery, and a heavy duty green nylon on the other side for scrubbing pots and pans.

It's 3cm thick, which is thicker than most of the other sponge scours on the market. This allows for a good sud build up, which helps to cut through grease. This Sponge Scour also features nice heavy duty green nylon, which means it will last longer before wearing out.

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White Magic Easy Hang - Heavy Duty Scourers is an all round scrubbing pad which is great for burnt in muck on pots, pans, grills and anywhere else you've got stubborn grime in the kitchen.

White Magic's Heavy Duty Scours are a whopping 16cm long and 12cm wide. That is the professional cleaning size, because it's the largest pad that can fit in a normal hand. You can clean a large surface quickly with a larger surface area.

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White Magic Easy Hang - Heavy Duty Steel Wool Pads is designed to clean the worst of the worst, the most burnt in, stuck on grime imaginable.

It's made with material called silicone carbide, which is used to shape and clean diamonds, so it's high aggressive. Silicone carbide also leaves a nice polish on the surface after cleaning..

The pad is made with an open structure so grease and oil gets washed out easy, and it's also heat resistant up to 130 degrees which means you can clean straight after cooking.

It's a 16cm x 12cm dimensions, which is the professional cleaning size, the largest size that will fit in a normal hand and allows you to clean a large surface quickly.

The hole is where the easy hang suction hook goes through for storage.

In the start pack you get one Easy Hang Holder and three pads, and in the refill pack you receive five pads.