30 Seconds Cleaning Products

The 30 Seconds range aims to take the hard work out of tough jobs. Whether it be indoors or out, 30 Seconds has the best spray and walk away or spray and rinse products.

30 SECONDS is New Zealand's favorite, provides affordable, quality cleaning products for the treatment and removal of Moss, Mould, Algae, Mildew & Lichen on various surfaces. They have a wide range of household cleaners, industrial cleaners and accessories, from mould & moss treatments to BBQ cleaners which are sold throughout Australia.

30 Seconds Outdoor Cleaner

30 Seconds Outdoor Cleaner is specially formulated so you can spray it on, let it stand according to the directions on the label, and simply rinse away dirt, residue, mould stains and grungy grime.


30 Seconds Spray and Walk Away - Lichen, Moss, Algae Killer

30 Seconds Spray and Walk Away is one of the countries most loved brands. Its the simplest and easiest way to treat lichen, moss, mould, algae and mildew over time.

30 Seconds Mould Off Indoor Mould Remover 1L

30 Seconds Mould Off Indoor Mould Remover is the product you need to rid your home of mould and mildew quickly and effectively. It's fully biodegradable and is suitable for use on glass, floors, sinks, vinyl curtains, benches, rubber bath mats, showers, shower doors, wood, painted walls, tile grout and tiles.

30 Seconds Degreaser & Cleaner 1L Ready To Use

30 Seconds Degreaser & Cleaner is a virtually odorless, water soluble, non flammable, food grade approved cleaner and degreaser safe on virtually all surfaces.


30 Seconds BBQ Grill Cleaner 1L

30 Seconds BBQ Grill Cleaner is an effective product that can be used on all BBQ surfaces, specifically designed to cut through oils and grease.

Makes 25 Litres

30 Seconds Roof Treatment 5L

30 Seconds Roof Cleaner is the cost effective way to treat your roof and add real value to your property! It is an effective, non bleach based roof cleaner that can be used to treat all types of roof materials from moss, algae, mildew, and lichen.


30 Seconds Calcium, Rust and Lime Remover

30 Seconds Calcium, Rust and Lime Remover is the product you need to combat calcium deposits, & lime scale build up in your bathrooms, kitchens and household appliances.

30 Seconds Window Wonder Indoor Glass Cleaner 1L RTU

30 Seconds Window Wonder Indoor Glass Cleaner is an easy and quick to clean indoor glass leaving a shine and streak-free glass and mirrors. It has a barrier technology that protects against odours, staining and discoloration caused by mould and mildew.

30 Seconds Window Wonder Outdoor Glass Cleaner 2L

How to clean outdoor windows easily and effectively? 30 Seconds Window Wonder Outdoor Glass Cleaner with rapid hose end application makes cleaning outdoor glass windows quickly on a medium to large house to a 2nd storey windows.

30 Seconds Super Speed Car Boat and Truck Wash 2L

30 Seconds Super Speed Car, Boat & Truck Wash is the quickest way to clean your vehicle. It combines hardworking ingredients with our Rapid Hose end Technology to easily clean away dirt, grease and grime from exterior surfaces of your car, boat, truck & trailers.