Why Choose a Pacvac Floor Polisher?


Pacvac Floor Polisher

 If you are a commercial cleaner looking for a robust floor polisher which is easy to operate, convenient, you've come to the right place! Our Pacvac PolyPro 400 Floor Polisher Machine is specifically engineered to both strip and polish, this versatile machine drastically lifts the appearance and increases the lifespan of most hard floor surfaces.
Pacvac Floor Polisher
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Polypro 400 Commercial Floor Polisher from Pacvac is specially designed for scrubbing, polishing, and maintenance of all types of hard floors (e.g wood, vinyl, and concrete etc.)

The Polypro 400 floor polisher has been developed and refined for over 20 years from feedback and use in Queensland, New South Wales and Western Australian schools. The machine is designed and handcrafted in Australia.

Recommended Use: Schools, hotel foyers, commercial kitchens, restaurants, hospital corridors, garages, indoor gymnasiums and sporting facilities.