3-IN-ONE Silicone Spray Lubricant 300g

3-IN-ONE Silicone spray lubricant is a multi-purpose lubricant designed to offer lubrication and protection on most surfaces including rubber, vinyl, leather, metals and plastics.

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3 in One Professional White Lithium Grease 300G

The 3-IN-ONE Professional White Lithium Grease reduces friction while protecting against rust and corrosion. It sprays on evenly as a liquid, and sets dry for a thick coating. It will not splatter, melt, run, wash off or freeze.

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Septone Chassis Black

Chassis Black is an anti-corrosive black bituminous coating for the undercarriages of motor vehicles, caravans and trailers, for iron roofs, for guttering and for metal structures.


Septone Fish Oil Deodorised - Deodorised Rust Inhibiting Coating

Septone Deodorised Fish Oil is a deodorised corrosion preventative designed to inhibit the formation of rust in internal box sections, door cavities, sills and pillars of motor vehicles, as well as on structural steel, railings, gates, bridges, pontoons and for the protection of welds.


Septone Homeguard Safe Multi-Purpose Home Lubricant and Protectant

Ecolube Homeguard is an environmentally safe lubricant, protectant and penetrant. It has been specifically formulated to rid the home and garage from annoying squeaks and keep them free from corrosion for longer than its competitors.

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Spetone Ecolube Multiguard HP High Performance Lubricant

Septone Ecolube Multiguard HP is a high performance lubricant that offers excellent anti-wear and corrosion resistance properties making it capable of withstanding heavy industrial use.

Multiguard HP Grease 500mL

Ecolube Multiguard HP Grease provides long lasting lubrication and corrosion resistance for both industrial and general applications.
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Septone Rust Converter

Septone Rust Converter is a concentrated phosphoric acid based rust converter, used as a pre-painting treatment for converting surface rust (iron oxide) into iron phosphate, which forms an ideal base for further protective coatings.


Septone Rust Prime

Septone Rust Prime converts rust to a inert black compound and primes and seals metal surfaces ready for subsequent priming and top coating. It will provide temporary protection against rust, but should not be considered as a corrosion resistant coating.


Septone Rust Proof - Heavy Duty Rust Preventative

Septone Rust Proof is designed to inhibit the formation of rust in internal box sections, door cavities, sills and pillars of motor vehicles. It dries to a soft brown waxy protective coating.

Septone Rust Shield - Under Vehicle Rust Proofing

Septone Rust Shield is designed to inhibit the formation of rust on the undercarriage sections such as floor pans, firewalls, chassis members and wheel arches etc of motor vehicles, caravans and trailers.


Septone Waterproof Sealing Compound

Septone Waterproof Compound is a waterproof, anti-corrosive black bituminous compound designed for application by brush.


WD-40 Multi Use Product

WD-40 Multi Use Product known as "the can with a thousand uses." WD-40 Multi-Use product protects metal from rust and corrosion, penetrates stuck parts, displaces moisture, and lubricates just about anything.

WD-40 Specialist Brake & Metal Parts Cleaner 300g

WD-40 Specialist Brake & Metal Parts Cleaner is safe to use on brake linings, pads and drums – and lets you clean a brake unit without disassembling it. WD-40 Specialist Brake & Metal Parts Cleaner removes grease, dirt and brake fluid.

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3-in-1 Professional Multi-purpose Drip Oil 88mL 2x6 Clip Strips

3-in-one professional multi-purpose original drip oil - lubricates, cleans and prevents rust. This multi-purpose oil lubricant has a precise, easy to use drip spout which enables precise lubrication, with no overspray or splatter.

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Chemtech Fertan Rust Converter

Chemtech Fertan Rust Converter is a new generation, safe, non-toxic and non-flammable rust converter that penetrates deep into rust to convert it into ferric tannate and also creates a zinc phosphate layer deep below the rust surface to protect the base metal.

Chemtech Truck n Farm Grease 450gm

Chemtech Truck 'n' Farm Grease is a multi-purpose lubricant for bearings & chassis points.

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Diggers Paraffin Oil Water Tank Surface Sealer

Diggers Paraffin Oil is a colourless hydrocarbon commonly used as a fuel, lubricant and surface sealer.

WD-40 BIKE Chain Lubricant 150g

WD-40 BIKE Chain Lubricant, a quick dry formula that prevents squeaks and extends chain life by won't attracting dirt, oil or dust. It is great for wet or dry conditions.

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WD-40 EZ Reach with Flexible Straw Multi Purpose Aerosol 14.4 Oz

WD-40 EZ-REACH Flexible Straw is a multi-purpose aerosol that cleans, protects, lubricates, penetrates and drives out moisture.

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