Other Scrubbers

Compact, line-operated single disc machine for scrubbing, shampooing, polishing and crystallizing for various surfaces of small cleaning areas, e.g. stairs and window-sills.

Machine for basic and maintenance cleaning of escalators and travelators with a performance of 2-3 escalators/travelators per hour.


Cleaning with the BR 47 35 esc is performed with the escalator or travelator running. The machine is positioned at the bottom of the escalator. Special nozzles spray the cleaning solution onto the scrubbing brushes, which then apply it to the treads. (Treads must move away from the machine.)

Floor scrubber for cleaning and stripping smooth and structured floors. Additional applications see also: Polishing hard floors and shampooing carpets.


The BRS 40/1000 C combines the advantages of single-disc machines with those of roller brush units. A special feature of the machine, which is equipped with two contra-rotating roller brushes, is a handle which rotates in several steps up to 90 degrees on both sides and can be locked in position.